Webinar: AI that really works: How Drift drove 322% more leads to sales with predictive personalization

Modern B2B marketers are under never ending pressure to deliver more leads to Sales. Sara Pion, Growth Marketer at Drift, will share actionable examples on how they personalized their website using AI-powered predictive personalization to drive 322% more leads to Sales, 82% higher quality leads, and generate cross channel learnings – in less time and with less work than before, making for a better “day in the life” of any B2B marketer!

Check out the webinar below and learn:

  • How to make AI and predictive personalization tangible for growth and demand gen marketers
  • Nitty gritty details on Drift’s digital marketing campaign strategy, set-up, and results
  • How Drift drove nearly $1 million of incremental revenue from 1 landing page
  • Ideas for testing and implementing personalization on your site


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CRO.CAFE Podcast: Intellimize CEO Guy Yalif talks AI in marketing, personalization, and more

Many marketers were introduced to the concept of personalization with rules-based personalization — or creating “if this, then that” rules centered around specific audiences. However, an increasing number of companies are looking past rules-based strategies and shifting their focus to AI-based tools like Intellimize to scale their personalization programs.

In a recent CRO.CAFE podcast, Intellimize CEO Guy Yalif sat down with Co-Owner and Data Consultant at The Data Story, Niels Reijmer, and CRO.CAFE Podcast host, Guido Jansen, to talk about the state of personalization in marketing today and how he thinks AI will continue to shape digital marketing efforts in the future.

Throughout the podcast, Guido, Niels, and Guy discuss several topics on the minds of data-driven growth marketers, including:

  • Scaling from rules-based personalization to machine learning-based approaches
  • Strategies around personalization to create a better customer experience
  • Taking new behaviors into account during website personalization
  • How to measure the success of your personalization ideas
  • How to iterate on existing personalization ideas

Listen to the entire podcast by clicking here.

Customer Story: Drift sees 265% home page conversion lift with Intellimize

Located in Boston, Drift is a leading chat software and conversational marketing platform used by over 150,000 companies around the world. Using Drift’s customized chatbots, users can engage website visitors in conversations based on the page they’re currently on, creating better customer marketing experiences and sales potential.

Drift’s marketing team was accountable for a common task many digital marketers are familiar with: delivering more qualified leads to sales. Sara Pion, a growth marketer at Drift, wanted to use lead scoring platform MadKudu to score all incoming leads, then use Intellimize’s predictive personalization tool to create custom website experiences during the sales process.

Sara focused her website optimization goals on 3 of Drift’s most important website pages:

  • Home page
  • “Powered by Drift” page
  • Pricing page

By creating variations of content, layout, hero images, and more on these pages, and then using Intellimize to deliver the right combination to each unique visitor in the moment, Sara and her team were able to see some pretty impressive results:

  • 265% more leads on the Home page
  • 106% more leads on the “Powered by Drift” page
  • 102% more conversions on the Pricing page
  • 74% faster customer acquisition

For Drift, tailoring the pre-sale experience was key to seeing significantly more leads across the board. Download the case study by clicking on the image below to see how Intellimize was able use predictive personalization to boost sales opportunities and run multiple website tests in parallel at a faster rate.

Video: Debunking myths about AI in marketing

AI has become a hot-button topic with digital marketers. While some people think of AI as magic, others might think of it as a menace that’s trying to take over our jobs. Others might think of the Hollywood version of AI (like The Terminator or Westworld).

Although AI does tend to activate our imaginations, a lot of stories around AI today are perpetuated by myths. The truth is, AI is operating in the background for many of your most common marketing applications already. Paid ad distribution, lead scoring, and chatbots all utilize AI in one form or another. In our personal lives, AI helps us find faster commutes through mapping apps, gives us suggestions for our next favorite TV show to watch on Netflix, and helped us organize our never-ending stream of emails more efficiently.

From advertising to lead scoring to website personalization, many subsets of digital marketing are already using AI.


To separate fact from fiction, in the video above, Intellimize CEO Guy Yalif will walk through several myths we hear about AI and personalization, including:

  • Myth #1: I can completely turn over website personalization to AI
  • Myth #2: Everyone talking AI is telling me the truth
  • Myth #3: AI is too complicated for me to use for personalization

Watch the video to learn more about AI and how it can help power website personalization efforts so that we can eliminate rote work and focus on the things that matter most to us as marketers: creative ideas, connecting with customers, and alignment with the rest of the marketing organization.


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