How Snowflake Works Smarter and Faster While Personalizing Our Customer Experience

by Hillary Carpio, Director of Account Based Marketing at Snowflake 

Marketers do everything possible to understand their target audience, but the amount of data available can be overwhelming. As a result, most organizations haven’t yet cracked the code to transform all available insights into an experience that makes sense for a customer. Instead, many marketers end up providing a generic experience to everyone.

Account-based marketing (ABM) on the other hand, is all about personalization and applying all knowledge of a person or group of people in a way that resonates with them and their specific needs. Most companies have phenomenal marketing capabilities. With ABM, you can filter the information from these activities to serve the most relevant nuggets to a particular account. And from there, you open the door for a meaningful conversation.

Snowflake is a data cloud that allows organizations to easily unify, integrate, and analyze their data. The data cloud creates a network effect, so customers can leverage data from other organizations to make better business decisions. The unique structure of Snowflake’s data cloud allows our business to connect and quickly unlock new business value.

We’re a software company, but we’re also a spirited and humanized brand, with a lot of personality. As Director of ABM, I’m responsible for ABM as a global center of excellence, as well as strategy and execution in North America. My team is split between enterprise and “majors,” who support our sales team focused on our Fortune 1000 accounts.

We have about 2,000 1:1 campaigns live today, plus some programmatic and strategic ABMs as well. These 1:1 campaigns are personalized pages for each of our accounts. We use these to deepen relationships, create new opportunities and look for new lines of business to expand within a single account. That’s one differentiator between ABM and demand generation: Demand gen creates the lead while ABM works together with them to build out long-term relationships.

The Difficulty with Scaling the Human Touch

Creating personalized, 1:1 web experiences for customers was extremely effective for Snowflake, but there was a downside. In 2020, Snowflake made the largest-ever software IPO, and growth has taken off ever since. But scaling our ABM to match this growth was dependent on humans—we needed more people to build more landing pages, and building those pages that were so central to our marketing efforts was a highly manual task.

Regularly updating 2,000 1:1 campaigns was a major challenge. Each landing page has custom imagery and messaging, with content hand-curated for the individual account. This customization helps us identify what each account wants to see when they come to Snowflake to learn more about our offerings. We were doing our best to replace content when it was out of date, but we were so tied into the daily tasks of keeping everything organized that it was difficult to focus on how to up-level these campaigns. We didn’t have enough bandwidth, and that took away from our ability to work with other team members and provide more strategic value to everyone.

I knew we could work smarter. To be most effective and scale at the rate Snowflake was—and is—growing, I thought it best to reserve the humans for the things humans can do best, and offload those things that technology can do more efficiently. It was time to add a layer of automation to our ABM efforts.

A Solution with Experience and Flexibility

I ran into the same issue when I was working at a previous company. To solve it, I’d built a solution between cloud-based content experience platform Uberflip and account engagement platform 6sense. I didn’t want to build that solution from scratch again at Snowflake, but I knew that was what we needed: a way to take the dynamically updated accounts from 6sense and connect that to Uberflip to automatically update our content for that personalized experience beyond the out-of-box integration they offer.

We explored other ABM personalization vendors, but Intellimize emerged as the best option for us for two reasons. One, any solution we chose had to connect our different sources, integrating fields from 6sense and Salesforce. I didn’t want to just segment by industry, but to maintain a higher level of personalization. Two, only Intellimize could support our entire organization, including demand gen and the marketing operations team. With a broader use case for the entire company, not just the ABM team, it was easier to get approval.

Intellimize offers so many possibilities that I was concerned the platform wouldn’t get used at all due to overcomplicating execution. It’s so open ended, how would we know where to start? But I didn’t need to worry. Intellimize promised that they would help us get started, supporting us as we generated personalization ideas, and they delivered.

Before we even connected to 6sense, Intellimize suggested that we consider small changes like shifting the color of our CTA buttons and changing the copy. We started with these little iterations to figure out how we could optimize the page, and ultimately rolled out a new page template. Erica, our CSM at Intellimize, constantly brings her optimization expertise to the table. And even though Intellimize works for the entire organization, they have separate meetings with us in ABM than with demand gen. Having separate, department-specific conversations means Intellimize can support everyone’s different needs.

Snowflake is at a pivotal point in our history, and the challenge of choosing a vendor now is as much about finding a genuine partner as it is about technical specifications. Intellimize strikes the right balance between being experienced enough to meet Snowflake’s professional needs, but also flexible with a human touch.

Other big-name competitors gave us standard pitches and didn’t reflect our unique needs. Whereas Guy Yalif, the CEO of Intellimize, always answers the phone if I call him. They prioritize us as a customer, their customer success organization is top-notch, and they keep asking what we need. And when those needs change, they respond.

A Boost to Our Capabilities and Performance

We’ve used Intellimize for a year and have developed two approaches to ABM. Our first approach still involves 1:1 pages for our Tier 1 accounts, but we produce them better than ever before by leveraging dynamic personalization with Intellimize. Quarter over quarter, we’ve seen a 49% lift in meetings booked for these accounts since deploying Intellimize as part of a refresh of our strategy cross-functionally. We also now practice 1:many ABM, or what we call “ABM at scale,” creating pages for subsets of accounts by use case and industry. With these pages and accompanying outbound efforts, we’ve seen a 3X boost to our meeting rate.

Overall, Snowflake has experienced a 60% increase in engagement in Q2 FY22 alone, and the best part is that these wins are shared across the company. Intellimize not only helped my ABM team achieve more personalized experiences for our customers, it also provided us the time to become more aligned internally and improve our collaboration. In ABM, we don’t create anything in isolation; we incorporate elements from our marketing and sales counterparts. Demand gen runs webinars and creates content, field marketing creates events, SDRs do outreach, and we curate it with hyper-personalized messaging for top accounts. We’re cross-functionally integrated, so our wins are these other teams’ wins too.

Snowflake is highly regarded for our boutique treatment of accounts. It’s what sets us apart from everyone else. Some people hear “increased automation” and think we’re wiping out that human element with machines, but that’s not the case at all. A better description of our transformation might be “improved orchestration”: a boost in capability to carry out our strategy and achieve our vision. We haven’t had to sacrifice what ABM is all about. We still have personalized campaigns that deliver the 1:1 experience, but they’re created by Intellimize as the page loads, relieving my team of labor-intensive work.

A Hybrid Model for the Future

With Intellimize, I have the peace of mind that all the landing pages will be updated with one click. Ours is now a hybrid model: People still curate the pages, but Intellimize ensures all the components that need updating get updated. I get to step back from the day-to-day creation of campaigns and trust that everything is taken care of brand-wise.

As marketers, our business is understanding our viewers and delivering more value, and we always think we have what we need to do that. But when you have the data in front of you via Intellimize and can see how people engage and what’s statistically relevant, it’s a revelation. Intellimize takes the guesswork out of what we thought we knew about our audience. It allows my ABM team to focus on the data Snowflake is known for and connect that with our customers in a way that captures their interest.

Snowflake has cracked the code, and we use Intellimize to do it.

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Intellimize raises $30M Series B to deliver high converting websites for results-focused marketers

Continuous Conversion™ platform marries marketer creativity and machine learning scale to transform website optimization


San Mateo, CA – July 8, 2021 – Intellimize, the leader in web conversion optimization, has raised $30M to help more marketers at medium and enterprise-scale companies create high converting websites that deliver more revenue, customers, and sales leads using its Continuous Conversion™ platform.

Cobalt Capital led the round with participation from previous investors Addition, Amplify Partners, Homebrew, and Precursor Ventures. Intellimize’s machine learning introduces a new era of website optimization being championed by conversion-obsessed B2B and ecommerce marketers.

“With Intellimize, CMOs can unleash the full scale of their creativity and deliver better and faster results through intelligent website optimization, which is truly transformational for marketers and the visitor experience,” said Dan Abrams of Cobalt Capital. “We are incredibly excited to partner with the entire team at Intellimize to help bring their product to more results focused marketers at any company.”

“Intellimize massively accelerated our website conversion optimization, enabling my team to optimize across 15M+ versions of our website in parallel,” said Udi Ledergor, CMO of B2B technology leader Gong. “Through a joint continuous testing approach, we drove 24% more marketing qualified leads across our site and 87% more pricing page leads in two months. It would’ve taken my team decades to run these tests using traditional methods. Intellimize enabled us to optimize our website experience for each unique prospect at the moment.”

“Intellimize married the best of marketing’s creative thinking with machine learning to deliver 1,500 more leads in the last 90 days, and the pace of improvement is accelerating,” said Ryan Carlson, former CMO at Okta now working on a new special project at Okta. “Their Continuous Conversion platform also delivered machine learned insights about user behavior, leading to more creative ideas to test. By turning a static website into a Learning Website, Intellimize has been a great partner and enabler to the marketing team.”

“I wish Intellimize had existed when I was CMO at Tableau. It took us 11 years to grow from $5 million in annual revenue to over $1 billion. With Intellimize, I have little doubt we would have done that faster,” said Elissa Fink, marketing advisor and Intellimize board member. “The Continuous Conversion platform would have helped us reach our goals sooner by massively accelerating our optimization and saving my team countless hours.”

“As a marketer, my peers and I spend a fortune getting prospects to our site only to abandon most of them to a one-size-fits-all experience,” said Guy Yalif, CEO of Intellimize. “Low conversion is the inevitable, dispiriting result. The age of the static homepage is dead. With these funds, we will invest in engineering and customer-facing teams to accelerate the era of websites that dynamically adjust to each unique visitor’s changing behavior over time.”

Intellimize’s Continuous Conversion™ platform uses machine learning together with marketers’ creativity to replace static, low converting websites with high converting pages that create optimized conversion funnels for each unique visitor. Intellimize amplifies marketer’s good ideas while protecting them from bad ideas, and dynamically adjusts to changes in buyer behavior over time to create more of the digital behaviors marketers want.

Learn why marketers choose Intellimize:
See how it works:

About Intellimize
The largest squandered opportunity in marketing today is low conversion websites. Intellimize solves that problem. Our Continuous Conversion™ platform powers high conversion by using machine learning and marketers’ creative ideas to optimize website experiences for each unique visitor every time. Conversion-obsessed marketers at Snowflake, Sumo Logic, Gong, ServiceTitan, Tableau, Dermalogica, Sunbasket, Drift, and more use Intellimize to deliver more revenue, more customers, and more leads to sales. We’re headquartered in San Mateo, CA and are backed by leading investors including Cobalt Capital, Addition, Amplify Partners, Homebrew, and Precursor Ventures.

About Cobalt Capital
Cobalt Capital is a multi-stage investment firm that partners with exceptional teams building the next generation of consumer technology businesses. Cobalt invests where technology can fundamentally transform the consumer experience and using its deep domain expertise and relationships Cobalt supports its portfolio companies through every stage of their growth to help those companies reshape and disrupt their industries. To learn more about Cobalt, please visit

The Power of Insight: Optimizing Website Conversions at Bonusly with Continuous Machine Learning

by Elisse Lockhart, VP Marketing at Bonusly

Online marketing is critical in the world of B2B SaaS. You need content that resonates with your target audience, even though audience needs shift over time. Savvy marketers understand that last week’s headlines, calls to action, and imagery may not entice this week’s visitors. Sometimes, we have to adjust our strategy—and do so quickly.

I’m the VP of Marketing at Bonusly. Bonusly is a recognition and rewards platform that makes work better for everyone. Our software empowers teams across the world to recognize and reward one another for the great work they do day in and day out. We also give our users detailed analytics and reporting to help leaders and managers identify trends and improve the employee experience.

I oversee our marketing efforts, from content and product marketing to demand generation and brand awareness initiatives. As a marketing team, we help our sales team start great conversations with prospects who want to learn more about Bonusly. In all that we do, we strive to back our hunches with data and adjust our messaging and campaigns accordingly. This, however, is really hard to do effectively without the right tools.

Raising Product Awareness but Not Driving Conversions

When I joined Bonusly three years ago, we were laser-focused on content marketing. Our output was primarily educational material and resources that explained how recognition and rewards programs boost employee engagement and solidify company cultures. It was a great strategy; we built awareness and trust that has served us well and had long-lasting positive impacts.

We then expanded our marketing foundation to better understand our audience, find the right ways to communicate the value of Bonusly, and ensure that our site was set up to engage and capture leads. From there, we worked to optimize our funnel, engaging those leads and priming them to have conversations with our sales teams. We made huge strides in these areas, but we still weren’t converting as much of our traffic to leads as we knew we could.

As the marketing team worked to optimize our funnel, we wanted our website to both drive more engagement and help us learn what was working and what wasn’t in terms of messaging. To do this, we started running A/B tests using Google Optimize.

Without data, it’s hard to make the case to invest more in marketing activities.

Our marketing team is very iterative and we learn fast. Testing with Google Optimize was too slow for what we needed. It requires traffic volume to generate meaningful insights, and we didn’t have enough site visitors to gather the results we wanted in a short time period. Rather than Google Optimize providing the data we needed to move forward, it held us back.

We wanted to iterate and try out more ideas, but it was hard to make our way through them and know what was making an impact on our bottom line. I started to look for tools that could help tie our marketing efforts to our business goals and pave the way for increased advertising spend and continued investment in the right marketing activities.

Making the Most of Machine Learning

I first heard about Intellimize on an online forum. Intellimize is an intelligent website optimization platform that automatically optimizes the user journey to drive web conversions. That sounds great, but what really drew me to the platform was how that optimization happens: machine learning.

People often use machine learning to deal with vast quantities of data. Machines can be taught to comb through and categorize data much faster than people. This means that meaningful insights can be realized much sooner.

But you can also go in the opposite direction and use machine learning to glean actionable data from very little information. Intellimize can determine the most effective marketing strategies over a given period, even if there are no statistical winners. It automatically makes adjustments and improves conversions by redirecting traffic to areas that are performing well without waiting for the conclusive results of an A/B trial.

This was key. We saw how Intellimize could support our iterative approach to marketing, help us implement new strategies, and justify additional marketing spend.

Desired Actions and Fast Results

We began working with Intellimize in December 2019. As a first step, their campaign optimization team asked us to put a dollar value on our two most desired actions: demo requests and trial signups.

It can take several years for A/B testing to achieve what machine learning can achieve in months.

We pushed people toward demos because they have a higher business value, opening the door to conversations with our sales team. Trial signups are also valuable to us, as these leads get to experience our product and get a sense for how it can help their company. Intellimize helped us set up variations and rate tests on different website pages so the platform could learn to optimize for both demos and trials in the right situations.

It didn’t take long to see results. We generated 67% more product demo requests from our homepage in our first three months with Intellimize, and tested 85 new ideas in just under four months. It would have taken decades of A/B testing to achieve these results.

Tweaking Layouts and Testing Hypotheses

Once we got the ball rolling, we started to play around with various elements of our website. We began by changing headlines and buttons on our homepage. We then tweaked the layout to test several hypotheses. For example, we wanted to measure the impact of social proof on demo requests, so we altered the placement of testimonials on our homepage.

In early 2020, we engaged in a fruitful collaboration with our design team to adjust imagery and white space in various parts of our site. We tested complex images versus simple ones and condensed information versus more white space. At the beginning of 2020, our site featured a photograph in the background of the hero, overlaid with a color gradient and text. To simplify the visuals, our design team eliminated the background image and lightened the gradient. It worked. We saw a spike in conversions but continued to serve both versions of the homepage to observe the ongoing results.

By April 2020, we noticed that the simplified homepage was no longer generating more conversions. By then, COVID lockdowns were in full swing, and we surmised that visitors who were cut off from family, friends, and coworkers were drawn to pictures of other people. We confirmed this hypothesis by adding background images to other pages on our site and comparing them to versions with the simplified gradient. Sure enough, Intellimize showed that people engaged more and moved further along their customer journey when they saw faces in the background.

A Constant Stream of New Insights

At Bonusly, we never stop learning, and Intellimize provides our marketing team with a constant stream of new insights we can share with other teams. Every month, the marketing team meets to discuss themes that currently resonate with our audience. We look at Intellimize data and share it with other teams to inform messaging across the company. Among other things, we help our sales team structure conversations with prospects and suggest new blog topics to our content marketing team.

We also share Intellimize learnings that can impact other marketing activities. For example, we adapted the learning that visitors are drawn to pictures of people, and we built display ads around photographs instead of illustrations. It’s just one example of how we can transfer what we learned in one area to inform new marketing activities and quickly adapt to our current and potential customers’ needs.

While we’ve generated many insights from Intellimize, we also bring learnings from other parts of the business into Intellimize tests. In March, April, and May of 2020, our remote work blog posts resonated most with visitors, so we incorporated that theme into as much of our messaging as possible. As the pandemic wore on, however, people’s interest evolved into other topics. Instead, they began to ask our sales reps about ways to maintain employee motivation and morale. We ran some tests with Intellimize to confirm that we’d found our next hot topic.

A Marketing Department Transformed

We’re a small but mighty marketing team. We have a lot to juggle, and need to move faster than prolonged A/B testing allows. We also don’t have the internal resources to code website variations. Now, we don’t have to worry—we leave the heavy lifting to the team at Intellimize. We rely on their analytic tools and ongoing support to drive insights that have optimized buyers’ paths and lifted website conversions.

Intellimize changed the game for Bonusly’s marketing team. We’ve had great results over the past year, and there’s so much more to come. In Intellimize, we found a trusted partner who understands what’s important to Bonusly and keeps coming up with ideas to help us reach our marketing goals.

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For B2B SaaS marketers, Intellimize is the premier website optimization solution that delivers superior results in a fraction of the time.

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Webinar: How to Drive More Pipeline in 2021 with ABM

Every B2B marketer knows they should be doing something when it comes to ABM. And with these “unprecedented times” still upon us, there’s no saying when we’ll be able to resume in-person ABM activities.

That said, the pressure is on to ensure your digital channels are working for you to drive enough pipeline to meet your goals. Finding repeatability in these channels and increasing their output over time is paramount.

Our panel walks through setting up a digital ABM strategy that spans intent data, ads, and website optimization, and ultimately drives more targeted accounts to raise their hand for your product or solution.

Listen in for insights on:

  • [1:30-6:40] What ABM is/isn’t
  • [9:13-18:04] Thinking through curating your ABM target account list, beyond just firmographics
  • [18:04-28:23] Taking action on buyer intent signals from ABM accounts
  • [28:24-38:35] Increasing your chances of converting ABM prospects when they come to your website
  • [42:45-46:34] Measuring ABM program effectiveness

Panelists include:

  • Sesame Mish, Growth Marketing Director at Intellimize
  • Jesse Rowe, Head of Growth at G2
  • Mark Huber, Director of Growth at Metadata

Enjoy the discussion!

And if you’re interested in learning more about how Intellimize can help drive more of your ABM accounts to convert into hand-raisers and demo requests through your website, request a demo here. We look forward to chatting with you!

Intellimize named a Cool Vendor by Gartner


Intelligent website optimization recognized in 2020 Cool Vendors in Personalization report


Intellimize has been included in the list of Cool Vendors in Personalization1 by Gartner. This year’s vendors “focus more on delivering personalization that has a discrete connection to revenue.” Gartner’s Cool Vendor research is designed to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products, and services.

Gartner recommended that digital marketing leaders responsible for technology “align their personalization strategy and investments to business objectives like revenue growth,” and “track key performance indicators (KPIs) like conversion and average order value to measure the impact of tactics like personalized on-site search and product recommendations on product discovery and purchase.”

“We’re honored by the Cool Vendor recognition from Gartner,” said Guy Yalif, CEO and co-founder of Intellimize. “We intelligently optimize each unique buyer’s journey to drive more revenue, more customers, or more leads to sales, based on our customers’ business objectives. Our machine learning solution unlocks this value for our customers by providing a personalized experience for each of their web visitors.”


Gartner Disclaimer:

The GARTNER COOL VENDOR badge is a trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s Research & Advisory organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

1 Gartner, “Cool Vendors in Personalization,” Jennifer Polk and Jason McNellis, October 8,2020.

Intellimize Raises Additional $12M To Accelerate Intelligent Website Optimization

Addition leads the round as new customers Snowflake, Sumo Logic, and Unilever Prestige sign on and former Tableau CMO Elissa Fink joins Board of Directors

Intellimize, the leader in AI-driven, intelligent website optimization, has raised $12 million in additional funding to help medium- to enterprise-scale businesses increase revenue, customers, and sales leads by using machine learning to tailor visitor experiences on their websites.

Addition led the round, with participation from previous investors Amplify Partners, Homebrew, and Precursor Ventures. This Series A-1 round brings the company’s total raised to $22 million.

“Addition’s partnership will enable us to rapidly expand our intelligent website optimization solution and deliver on our mission to optimize buyer journeys everywhere,” said Intellimize co-founder and CEO Guy Yalif. “It’s in our name – Intellimize means intelligent optimization.”

Intellimize uses machine learning to optimize the individual steps of each unique buyer’s journey in real time and automatically adjusts web pages in response to changes in the buyer behavior over time, delivering a superior lift in conversions, faster and with less manual work.

“Intellimize is a revenue-driving game-changer for marketers,” said Aaron Schildkrout, Investor at Addition and former Head of Growth at Uber. “The company puts real AI directly into the hands of CMOs, allowing them to unlock the world’s most sophisticated experimentation and personalization capabilities with minimal effort. We invested because we think pretty much every digital company that’s operating at scale would see significant lift by running Intellimize.”

Yalif added, “With these funds, we are accelerating our investment in machine learning so that we can holistically personalize each unique buyer’s full journey from start to finish and improve conversion rates for B2B, ecommerce and financial services customers. Together, we’ll revolutionize the prospect experience and deliver more revenue, more new customers, and more leads to revenue-focused marketing leaders.”


New customers sign on and achieve lift with Intellimize

Word about Intellimize is traveling fast among senior marketers with Snowflake, Sumo Logic,, Tableau, Unilever Prestige, and Chrome River joining the growing list of Intellimize’s customers.

Denise Persson, CMO at Snowflake, said, “With Intellimize, my demand gen team is empowered to scale and optimize our web personalization to keep up with our increasing web traffic.” Persson continued, “We can now capitalize on each engagement and convert quality leads for our ever-growing sales team. Intellimize is intelligently optimizing the experience for each unique prospect, from account-based-marketing-driven named enterprise accounts to anonymous small businesses.”

Aurelian Lis, CEO of Dermalogica, shared how Intellimize is helping Dermalogica tailor the customer experience, “Intellimize helps my team focus on our deep, innate creativity by automating much of the rote work of experiment management, and that’s important to me as part of our brand.” Lis said Intellmize has helped Dermalogica achieve 100 percent lift on adding items to bag with subscription, where customers sign up to receive products at regular intervals. Lis added that his teams have run more than one thousand tests which, in combination, have created more than one billion possible personalized buyer experiences. “Intellimize has delivered incredible conversion increases while helping my teams around the world better understand our prospects,” he concluded.

Suku Krishnaraj, CMO at Sumo Logic echoed Lis saying “With Intellimize, we were able to scale years of testing into several months, across 192 experiments and more than one billion possible page versions.” Krishnaraj continued “Digital channels, including our website, are a top source of high-quality leads and pipeline for our sales teams. The rapid testing process is delivering significant improvements in conversion rates across our site.”

Yael Zheng, CMO at, broke it down this way. “We are focused on getting more prospects to discover, sign on and benefit from our AP and AR automation solutions,” she said. “We sell directly to small and medium sized businesses and partner with accounting firms, financial institutions and technology partners, so it’s essential our website be customized for different visitors. Intellimize has not only helped us make paid search campaigns much more efficient but also compressed what would have been years of testing efforts into months.”

Bryan Law, VP Marketing Operations at Tableau added “We’ve achieved over 40 percent lift in digital transactions with Intellimize. They are an incredible partner with both amazing technology and services that allow us to increase the velocity and impact of our optimizations.” Law continued, “With Intellimize, we’ve compressed decades of traditional testing into a single year. We’ve run more than 300 tests which, in combination, meant we optimized across more than 1.2 million unique versions of our site.”


Former Tableau CMO Elissa Fink joins Intellimize board of directors

Intellimize welcomed former Tableau CMO Elissa Fink as the newest member of its board of directors. Under Fink’s leadership, Tableau grew from roughly $5 million to over $1 billion in revenue.

Echoing the new customers, Fink said companies realize the value and benefits of Intellimize immediately. “I really wish I had Intellimize when I was at Tableau. It would have made driving revenue much easier and helped me better understand the prospects I was working so hard to woo. Intellimize is becoming a foundational part of any marketer’s tech stack. I’m excited every time I introduce new CMOs to Intellimize because they immediately realize what a growth lever it will be for their business. Having personally experienced tremendous scale, I think this company is going to go the distance.”

“Elissa’s experience as a successful operator and marketing leader make her a tremendous addition to the Board at Intellimize,” said Mike Dauber, General Partner at Amplify Partners.

Yalif added, “Elissa and I hit it off from the very first time we spoke. Her counsel has already proved invaluable to our company as an advisor, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have her now join us as a member of our board.”


About Intellimize

Intellimize intelligently optimizes each buyer’s path to drive more revenue, more customers, and more leads to sales from websites. Our unique solution enables experimentation and personalization at an unparalleled scale. On average, our customers achieve 46 percent lift. We work with great companies like Drift, Looker, Unilever, Sumo Logic, Tableau, Emburse, and many more. We’re headquartered in San Mateo, CA. We’re backed by leading early-stage investors including Addition, Amplify Partners, Homebrew, and Precursor Ventures.

Video: How Intellimize Helps Dermalogica Grow Its Online Business Across 6 Global Markets

Video: How Intellimize Helps Dermalogica Grow Its Online Business Across 6 Global Markets

Watch this video with Dermalogica CEO Aurelian Lis to learn how Intellimize helps the global ecommerce brand rapidly optimize their website & boost revenue.
Dermalogica CEO Aurelian Lis shares how his team has leveraged Intellimize to test over 450 variations on their website, increase revenue, and grow their business across 6 global markets. Want to see how your organization can benefit from the power of Intellimize? Simply request a demo.

7 Ideas to Test Before Starting Your Website Redesign

Website Redesign Must-Haves

When their marketing budget gets cut (which happens every time, doesn’t it?), many marketers instinctively refocus on lower cost channels and on getting more out of the assets they already have. The website is typically an organization’s biggest marketing asset, so it’s always a focus for improvement in these times. Since the list of things to fix or add to the site is never short, the conversation can quickly slide into a full website redesign discussion.

Website redesigns are exciting projects, and most of us love to dive right in. However, we’d be much better off to first do some real research and experimentation to learn what content and experiences are most valuable to incorporate. DON’T build the new site and THEN test it to see if it achieves the desired outcomes. Test first! Then build. (And keep on testing.) Let me explain.


Where should I begin with a website redesign?

Start with what you want to accomplish through the redesign. You have probably lived with your current site for a long time. You know what’s great about it and what’s not so great. You have a clear idea of how the new site must perform better, and you can visualize the value of these improvements clearly. You may be looking to drive more traffic deeper into the site or to get an immediate conversion on the homepage or initial landing page. Make this clear to everyone involved. Establish straightforward, measurable objectives for the redesign project in terms of the desired outcomes from the new site. Once the project is complete, this will be critical to evaluate your level of success.

[As a quick aside, I’ll share that whatever the goal, my favorite trick to ensure you don’t lose this focus through the redesign is to insert this objective into the name of the project itself. “The ‘more leads for sales’ website update,” or “The ‘more buyer conversions’ website refresh.”  Helps every time for maintaining focus and building internal project support.]


What types of web experiments should I consider?

With the redesign goals clearly established, it’s not always immediately clear how to achieve them with a new design. You need to learn which foundational experiences to bake into your site to support the goals. This is why data from experimentation is critical. Here are just a few things that you may need to test:

  1. Headlines and copy – There is more than one way to tell your story, so try several approaches that emphasize different phrases and perspectives, then measure which ones lead to greater engagement.
    Website Conversion Optimization
  2. Images and colors – The interplay between colors and images can offer an entirely different look and feel to your site visitors, and testing is the only way to really know which combination works best most often. Should the site feel playful and simple or serious and academic?
  3. Navigational menu layout – Should the menu be short and succinct or go deep? Should you place it on the left or right side of the header? These choices impact every potential buyer’s ability to interact with your site.
    Navigation Menu Design
  4. Page structure, including order of elements – Every page offers an infinite number of possibilities for structure, content, and layout. Is it better to put social proof elements above or below a descriptive content block? Should you replace that content with a  featured video? Or infographic?
  5. Buyer flows through the site – Are buyers expected to conduct all of their business on a single page, or do they need to visit different areas to get what they need? Should the navigational menus be their primary means to move about, or are there better ways to lead them along the ideal path?
  6. Calls to Action (CTAs) – The words, graphics, placement, and even colors of your CTAs will have a huge impact on their performance. Testing many possibilities is the only way to know which combinations work better for more visitors.
    CTA Placement
  7. Social proof content and placement – Helping your buyers understand what their peers think and how they have appreciated your offerings is more important than ever.  But what’s the best way to share this information without putting it in the way?

As you learn from each experiment, you’ll gain confidence on which approaches will offer the best experiences for your site visitors today, in terms of the business objectives that you set.


Once the website redesign is complete, am I done testing?

Of course, experimentation is not a “once and done” tactic. Best-in-class organizations integrate experimentation and testing as a perpetual approach to iteratively managing and optimizing their website. Testing and experimentation also enable you to personalize the base experience for different individuals, and adapt to changing visitor behavior over time.

Whether or not you are considering a site redesign right now, it’s common for website testing to reveal a few surprises. Site features that are well liked may not actually help achieve the desired outcomes. Replace “HIPPO” (highest paid person’s opinion) decision making with decisions based on data. Your site and business results will be better for it.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to run some tests!


To find out more about how you can apply website experimentation and web conversion optimization techniques to your website redesign project, contact us by clicking on the “Request Demo” button on our website. We’ll share specific examples of which optimization ideas are working right now in your industry.