Forbes: AI In Marketing Is Only As Good As The Human Behind It

Marketers (understandably) wonder how artificial intelligence (AI) might affect their careers. While for some marketers, AI might conjure up images of The Terminator or Westworld, it turns out that AI is already a part of their daily lives, even if they don’t explicitly see it.

We believe that AI will change some day-to-day tasks for marketers, but we also believe that AI will actually help marketers become more human-centric and effective in their work when they use AI in the right ways.

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TotalRetail: 50 Best Retail Tips of 2019

In this new report, TotalRetail shares their annual collection of the 50 best tips of the year, which appeared in their e-newsletter (Total Retail Report ) and on the website of Total Retail in 2019.

They “pored over every piece of content” published in 2019, including articles, blog posts, podcast episodes and videos, to identify the 50 very best tips of the year. These tips cover virtually every facet of running a successful retail business, from customer service to inventory management to marketing to supply chain, and much more. Each tip offers valuable insight that readers can implement into their businesses immediately, such as this one, offered by Guy Yalif, CEO of Intellimize, in “7 Tips for Boosting Cart Conversion Rates,” Total Retail Report, Nov. 5.

“Leverage location data to better estimate shipping costs. Shoppers are often price sensitive and, particularly online, want the full cost of their purchase ahead of time — including any shipping fees. Use a customer’s location (through reverse IP lookup) to estimate the shipping costs, potentially removing buying steps and avoiding surprises when it’s time to click the “Checkout” button.” 

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Webinar: AI that really works: How Drift drove 322% more leads to sales with predictive personalization

Modern B2B marketers are under never ending pressure to deliver more leads to Sales. Sara Pion, Growth Marketer at Drift, will share actionable examples on how they personalized their website using AI-powered predictive personalization to drive 322% more leads to Sales, 82% higher quality leads, and generate cross channel learnings – in less time and with less work than before, making for a better “day in the life” of any B2B marketer!

Check out the webinar below and learn:

  • How to make AI and predictive personalization tangible for growth and demand gen marketers
  • Nitty gritty details on Drift’s digital marketing campaign strategy, set-up, and results
  • How Drift drove nearly $1 million of incremental revenue from 1 landing page
  • Ideas for testing and implementing personalization on your site


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Video: Debunking myths about AI in marketing

AI has become a hot-button topic with digital marketers. While some people think of AI as magic, others might think of it as a menace that’s trying to take over our jobs. Others might think of the Hollywood version of AI (like The Terminator or Westworld).

Although AI does tend to activate our imaginations, a lot of stories around AI today are perpetuated by myths. The truth is, AI is operating in the background for many of your most common marketing applications already. Paid ad distribution, lead scoring, and chatbots all utilize AI in one form or another. In our personal lives, AI helps us find faster commutes through mapping apps, gives us suggestions for our next favorite TV show to watch on Netflix, and helped us organize our never-ending stream of emails more efficiently.

From advertising to lead scoring to website personalization, many subsets of digital marketing are already using AI.

To separate fact from fiction, in the video below, Intellimize CEO Guy Yalif will walk through several myths we hear about AI and personalization, including:

    • Myth #1: I can completely turn over website personalization to AI
    • Myth #2: Everyone talking AI is telling me the truth
    • Myth #3: AI is too complicated for me to use for personalization

Watch the video to learn more about AI and how it can help power website personalization efforts so that we can eliminate rote work and focus on the things that matter most to us as marketers: creative ideas, connecting with customers, and alignment with the rest of the marketing organization.

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Video: Accelerate B2B leads to sales with AI-based personalization

We believe that AI can empower marketers to drive more personalized experiences for website visitors. By driving connective reactions with their brands, marketers can create more opportunities for sales and revenue.

In this video, Intellimize CEO Guy Yalif will walk through several real-world examples that could help your marketing team better personalize experiences so that you can move visitors further through the funnel.

Here are a few important takeaways we cover in the video:

Stoke your visitor’s competitive juices
By showing competitor logos or case studies on your website, you can create serendipity and better convince the visitor that your product or service is catered to their business.

Optimize for downstream leads
With AI, you can create multiple weighted goals for website optimization – not just one – that correspond to how likely a visitor will become a sales-qualified lead.

Treat low-value and high-value leads differently
If you use predictive lead scoring, you can show different experiences on your website for low-value and high-value leads. For instance, you might direct low-value leads to a self-serve option or direct high-value leads directly to a conversation with your sales team.

Try a lot of lead-generating ideas at once
With AI-based personalization, you can test many website optimization ideas in parallel, see insights on hours or days rather than weeks or months, then add or remove ideas at anytime.

To find out more about how you can can use AI-based personalization on your website to drive more sales leads, simply click the “Request Demo” button on our website.