Video: Amitree sees 40% lift in metrics that matter with Intellimize Skip to content

Video: Amitree sees 40% improvement in metrics that matter with Intellimize

Video: Amitree sees 40% improvement in metrics that matter with Intellimize

About Amitree

Amitree is a tool that uses AI to automatically organize email, attachments, contacts and key dates, and put them at your fingertips. With Amitree’s Folio, which effectively works as a digital email assistant, users don’t have to search endlessly for important emails and documents. For business teams, Folio is especially effective because the platform clearly displays timelines to keep everyone on track with important projects, syncs with apps they are already using like DocuSign and Google Drive, and offers team-based controls to create more visibility.

Jonathan Aizen, CEO and Founder, knew that he wanted the Amitree website to be a vehicle for educating prospects about Folio and driving free trial signups, and that process started with their landing pages.

Why Amitree chose Intellimize as a website optimization solution

Landing page conversion rates are very important for marketing teams, especially with high-growth companies like Amitree. However, in Jonathan’s case, they hadn’t really engaged with website optimization strategies before besides running a few minimal A/B tests.

While they were doing a good job of getting people to the Amitree website and facilitating conversions, the pages were hardcoded and static, so it was hard to see which optimizations were working on the website, and which were not working.

Jonathan knew he needed something more robust to get better insights about landing page performance and step up their game. He also wanted to automate their website personalization efforts to scale in a more programmatic and static way: That’s where Intellimize stepped in.

By running 144 different variations across Amitree’s GSuite and Office365 landing pages with the Intellimize platform, Amitree was able to:

  • See a 40% lift in the metrics that mattered most to the business
  • Net more trial customers, setting up the company for more revenue
  • Facilitate more learnings around their online audience and customers who were already using the product

Watch the video above to see more details about how Intellimize helped Jonathan achieve his landing page optimization goals with predictive personalization. If you’re interested in how Intellimize can fuel more revenue opportunities with automated website optimization, simply click on the “Request Demo” button on our website.

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