322% More Leads to Sales with Predictive Personalization | Intellimize Webinar

Webinar: AI that really works: How Drift drove 322% more leads to sales with predictive personalization

Modern B2B marketers are under never ending pressure to deliver more leads to Sales. Sara Pion, Growth Marketer at Drift, will share actionable examples on how they personalized their website using AI-powered predictive personalization to drive 322% more leads to Sales, 82% higher quality leads, and generate cross channel learnings – in less time and with less work than before, making for a better “day in the life” of any B2B marketer!

Check out the webinar below and learn:

  • How to make AI and predictive personalization tangible for growth and demand gen marketers
  • Nitty gritty details on Drift’s digital marketing campaign strategy, set-up, and results
  • How Drift drove nearly $1 million of incremental revenue from 1 landing page
  • Ideas for testing and implementing personalization on your site


We’d love to explore these and other personalization ideas for your website. Simply click the “Request Demo” button on our site to get in touch with our team!

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How Drift Drove 322% More Leads to Sales and $1M Incremental Revenue from 1 Landing Page