Core Company Values

Account Executive

(Anywhere in the US)


You’re not a typical Account Executive.

Missing quota is not an option for you.

Not winning the Top Gun Award leaves you unfulfilled.

Going a month without closing a deal creates a pit in your stomach.

Your idea of a great enterprise sales cycle is 90 days, not 9 months.

Your vision of beauty is a well documented opportunity in Salesforce.

Negotiating is reminding a procurement officer of value and ROI, not discounting price.

When your customer presents your case study on stage, you beam like a proud parent.

The day after closing your largest deal ever, you’re assessing what you could have done better.

You’re okay not being the smartest person in the room, as long you can learn from the others.

Riding on a bus full of average is not acceptable. You want to be riding shotgun on a rocketship.


If that sounds like you, we have an opportunity that you would love.

Our solution is a unique Intelligent Website Optimization platform that is driving an average 46% uplift in online conversion rates for organizations like Tableau, Drift, Looker, Sumo Logic, Unilever, and more.  It’s machine learning that works.

Our approach is High-Velocity Enterprise Selling.  All of the fun, challenging enterprise selling activities condensed into a repeatable, predictable 90 day closing framework.  And you will have hands-on executive support and mentoring as a force multiplier to help you succeed.

You will be selling six-figure deals to B2B and eCommerce companies while developing trusted partner relationships with their senior marketing executives.

You are expected to close on the average one deal per month, but since you’re awesome, you’ll probably do more.

And you will help us accelerate as we are entering high-growth mode and take us to $100M ARR and beyond.

Does this sound like your cup of tea?   If so, contact me directly.

David Singh, VP of Sales.