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Senior BDR Manager

San Mateo, CA or remote (US and Canada only)

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Intellimize intelligently optimizes each buyer’s path to drive more revenue, more customers, or more leads to sales from websites. Our unique solution enables experimentation and personalization at an unparalleled scale.

We are looking for an experienced sales development leader to build and lead a team of BDRs (Business Development Representatives) to accelerate the company’s growth trajectory.

You will hire, develop, and lead your BDR team as they execute your plan to scale pipeline growth for our revenue-generating machine learning solution. You will work in lockstep with our sales and marketing teams to streamline our lead management processes, creating all the elements necessary for BDR success. Together, you’ll grow our base of successful A-list customers and help the company blow out our targets.

You’ll be pitching the real deal. Our average customer sees 46% lift in the web page conversion metrics that matter to them. You’ll work with leading companies including Unilever, Sumo Logic, Drift, Looker, Emburse, and more.

Key benefits of this role include:

  • Ability to make your mark: you’ll be creating an all new function within an agile and fast moving team
  • Daily interaction with founders and company execs
  • Advance your career: take on key projects you might not get in larger firms
  • Competitive salary, benefits, and equity
  • Experience working in leading edge AI and Machine Learning space


Job Responsibilities

  • Hire, onboard, train, coach, lead, and retain an all-star Intellimize BDR team
    • First, learn what’s required for BDRs to reliably create SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) at Intellimize by doing the job to adjust the approach you’ve used before
    • Define the ideal hiring profile and approach to eliminate mis-hires — this is not a commodity sale and will require evangelist skills at the BDR level
    • Deliver onboarding and training materials that ramp new hires to full productivity within a month
    • Coach each BDR, including through direct call feedback, to continuously improve their enterprise and mid-market sales skills — we are focused on building quality pipeline vs. quantity of leads 
    • Motivate and inspire each individual to achieve peak performance
    • Retain proven performers by helping them see growth opportunities at Intellimize 
  • Collaborate daily with Sales and Marketing
    • Create strategies for achieving pipeline goals and identifying programs and campaigns that will make an impact
    • Develop and continuously refine call scripts, email templates, and social media tactics that inspire engagement
    • Establish processes and supporting technology that create leverage for the team, deliver target leads each month, and support excellence in execution
    • Create analytics that deliver insights, drive daily activity, and improve outcomes
    • Develop and support a strong go-to-market culture, where we win as a team 
  • And find a way to hit company pipeline targets every time! 


Experience & Skills

  • Built and led a successful enterprise sales development team
    • Demonstrated success hitting lead generation targets
    • Deep understanding of go-to-market process and the handoffs from Marketing to BDRs to AEs
    • Knows all the best sales development tools and how to use them (especially Salesforce!)
    • Managed hiring and retention
    • Coached new hires and under-performers to success — knows that this means talking multiple times a day, every day, to improve and hit targets 
    • Set quotas and comp plans 
    • Boosted team culture and morale
  • Experienced on both inbound and outbound prospecting, understanding both proven and emerging tactics for each type
    • Cold outbound — not previously engaged
    • Warm outbound — previously engaged
    • Warm inbound — requested meeting
  • Analytics and metrics oriented — you start and end your day on the team dashboard, using it to drive action and results
  • Flourished in a high growth environment where experiments and creativity were encouraged
  • Experienced with remote teams
  • MarTech domain experience (a rolodex of enterprise decision makers would be ideal!)

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