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Current Openings

Frontend/Solutions Engineer

San Mateo, CA

We look forward to meeting you.
Please send resumes to: careers@intellimize.com

About Intellimize

Intellimize helps marketers drive conversions and revenue growth by personalizing websites to deliver the right experience to each visitor on any device.  We automate this using machine learning.  Leading companies rely on Intellimize to deliver more revenue, faster, and with less work than traditional A/B testing or rules based personalization.

The company was founded in 2016 by an experienced ad tech marketer and two experienced machine learning leaders who had previously worked at Yahoo, Twitter, and BrightRoll.  Intellimize is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, and backed by leading early stage investors including Homebrew, Hone Capital, Precursor Ventures, and Pear Ventures.

A few more things about us

  • We are alumni of Yahoo, Twitter, Google, Salesforce, and other tech companies.
  • We move fast. We are data-driven. We get things done.
  • We believe in the philosophy of “customers as true north”.
  • We believe in the importance of work/life balance to do your very best work.

About you

  • You love web technologies. You live and breathe JavaScript, DOM, CSS and HTML5. You have a great start, and you want to learn and grow rapidly on your journey to becoming a guru in web technologies.
  • You are curious. You want to learn how websites can be optimized for latency and conversion improvements. You want to learn different technologies used across the web. You want to learn how UX and AI can work together.
  • You enjoy using your creativity to solve interesting problems. You like being challenged with new and interesting technical scenarios every day.
  • You thrive in fast-paced environment.  You like short dev cycles.  You adapt.  You are comfortable getting started with minimal information and can bring clarity via rapid iterations.
  • You are a team player. You communicate well. Your attention to detail is unparalleled. You thrive in a collaborative environment.
  • You believe in “customers as true north”.  You can put on your product hat when you solve technical problems.  You exercise your creativity, intuition, and empathy for customers to solve problems in a pragmatic way.
  • You have 1-2 years of software development experience.

What you’ll do

  • You will collaborate with Campaign Managers to bring personalization ideas live on our customers’ websites with your high quality code.
  • You will participate in personalization brainstorming and contribute innovative ideas based on your knowledge of web technologies.
  • You will investigate and implement the best way to interact with a wide range of web technologies used on our customers’ sites (Angular, React, proprietary SPA, WordPress, Shopify, custom in house CMS, etc).
  • You will identify, design, and implement ideas to build reusable libraries to allow us to scale implementation effort with high quality.
  • You will figure out and implement the best way to do automated testing in each of the personalization implementation scenarios.

Why us?

  • You get to work on a diverse range of interesting projects across a broad spectrum of web technologies on our customer sites. You don’t get stuck on one tech stack. You can’t get this learning opportunity anywhere else.
  • You get to learn and grow your expertise on web technologies rapidly. Small team = big impact + no limits to your growth opportunities.
  • You get to experience what it’s like to be in the early days of a fast-growing start-up.
  • You get to work with great people and you get to shape the DNA of the company.
  • And yes, you get competitive salary, equity, and benefits (health, dental, vision, and 401k).

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