LinkedIn Live: Website Strategy in 2020 – Making Your Website Your #1 Lead Gen Channel


A lot of marketing channels have disappeared in 2020, but your website isn’t one of them. Your website is here to stay.

But many marketers still aren’t optimizing their site to engage and convert more visitors and fill their pipeline. Does this sound like you? Perhaps you work really hard to drive traffic to your site, but then not hard enough on converting visitors once they get there. Let’s fix that.

In this exclusive LinkedIn Live event, our panel of growth leaders discusses how you can turn your website into your competitive advantage – and win. They explain which optimization tactics they’re using to drive more downloads, more sign-ups, and more high-quality leads, how they’ve re-envisioned the buyer’s path through their site, and how they’re getting their CAC down as a result.

The panel includes:

  • Guillaume Cabane, CEO, Growth Ex Machina
  • Chris Newton, VP Marketing, Intellimize
  • Martin Gontovnikas, SVP Marketing & Growth, Auth0
  • Darius Contractor, Head of Growth, Airtable


Enjoy the discussion!


And if you’re interested in learning more about how Intellimize can help turn your website into your #1 lead gen channel, request a demo here. We look forward to chatting with you!