Video: How Okta Used Intellimize to Scale Lead Gen and Drive 1,500 Website Leads in 90 Days

In this 3-minute video, learn how Okta’s digital marketing team combined their creative ideas with Intellimize’s Continuous Conversion technology to scale their website lead generation efforts and drive a whopping 1,500 web leads in just 90 days.

And if you’re interested in learning how Intellimize can help you drive more website visitors to high-value pages and convert them into viable leads for your business, request a demo here. We look forward to chatting with you!

Video: How Snowflake’s ABM Team Used Intellimize to Boost Landing Page Conversions by 60%

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

In this 2-minute video, learn how Hillary Carpio, Director of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) at Snowflake, and her team leveraged dynamic website personalization with Intellimize to drive a 60% lift in landing page conversions. Intellimize was also a key component to the team’s success with driving a 49% lift in meetings booked with target accounts.

And if you’re interested in learning more about how Intellimize can help you convert more of your ABM prospects through your landing pages or website with machine learning-based website optimization, request a demo here. We look forward to chatting with you!

Video: How Sumo Logic Accelerated Web Conversions by Automatically Testing 1 Billion Page Versions

Machine Learning-based Website Optimization

Check out this 2-minute video, featuring Sam Molmud, Director of Web Strategy & Operations at Sumo Logic. Learn how Sumo Logic transitioned from A/B testing to a machine learning-based approach to website optimization with Intellimize, where they effectively tested 258 variations at once and automatically created over 1 billion page versions. As a result, the Marketing team drove amazing lift in free trial conversions.


And if you’re interested in learning more about how Intellimize can help you convert more visitors through your website with machine learning-based website optimization, request a demo here. We look forward to chatting with you! 

Video: How Intellimize Helps Dermalogica Grow Its Online Business Across 6 Global Markets

Video: How Intellimize Helps Dermalogica Grow Its Online Business Across 6 Global Markets

Watch this video with Dermalogica CEO Aurelian Lis to learn how Intellimize helps the global ecommerce brand rapidly optimize their website & boost revenue.
Dermalogica CEO Aurelian Lis shares how his team has leveraged Intellimize to test over 450 variations on their website, increase revenue, and grow their business across 6 global markets. Want to see how your organization can benefit from the power of Intellimize? Simply request a demo.

Video: Which is better for me? A/B testing, rules-based personalization, or predictive personalization?

In this video, Intellimize CEO Guy Yalif explains the core differences between 3 methods of website optimization: A/B testing, rules-based personalization, and machine learning predictive personalization.

As you think about which method to implement to drive conversion rate lift, consider the following questions:

  • Is my audience all the same?
  • How many tests do I do in a week?
  • Do I know when visitor behaviors change on my website?
  • Am I able to deliver the right experience to each individual visitor at the right time?


To learn more about how Intellimize can help your marketing team with website optimization efforts, simply click on the “Request Demo” button on our website.

Video: Prioritizing what to optimize on your website

Website Optimization

Before moving forward with a personalization plan, many marketers wonder: Where should I begin when optimizing my website?

In this video, Intellimize CEO Guy Yalif walks through several steps to help marketers determine how to prioritize what they personalize on their website, and discusses strategies for where they should focus their efforts.

Throughout the video, you will learn what to optimize on your website:

  • Creating a website optimization plan around the metrics that move your business
  • Prioritizing those places in the funnel that affect those metrics, and that have big drop-offs in engagement
  • Considering where your prospects and customers are in their lifecycle so that you can meet them with the right context
  • Figuring out what you want to optimize for: speed of iteration or long-term conversion
  • Optimizing for metrics that are measurable today
  • Optimizing for behaviors that are close to the tests you’re running


To learn more about how Intellimize can help your marketing team with website optimization efforts, simply click on the “Request Demo” button on our website.

Video guide: Product and content recommendations

Content Personalization

If you’re just getting started with personalization, you might be wondering what types of product and/or content recommendations might help you with your marketing team’s web optimization strategy.

To learn more about these approaches and practical ways to apply them to your digital marketing strategy, watch the video below.

There are several reasons why marketers want to share product and content recommendations. They might want to ensure that visitors are seeing more ads, moving further through the sales funnel, or giving marketers some information about them in return.

Marketers might do this through a number or ways, including:

  • Frequency: Using the frequency of relevant activity to drive what you show a prospect. Examples include: visited a category more than X times, frequently visited categories, or viewed a product more than X times.
  • Recency: You might also use recent behavior to help you determine what to show a prospect. Some common examples of this include: showing recently viewed items, showing recently purchased or downloaded items, or showing recently viewed categories.
  • Popularity: Using recent purchases, votes, or positive signals to increase popularity. Older purchases, votes or positive signals count for less than recent ones.


For more an even deeper look into advanced product and content recommendations, check out techniques that delve into user-based, item-based, and content-based recommendations, as well as collaborative filtering, in the video below.

Video: “Winner take all” testing vs. personalization

Website Personalization

When you’re optimizing websites, it’s important for marketers to understand the different approaches you can take in an effort to drive more revenue and conversions. You can use data to continually improve the experiences that you’re showing on your website.


There are generally two ways you can do this: following a “winner take all” approach, or personalizing (either by segment or individual). Here’s a breakdown of each approach:


Fork in the road: “Winner take all” vs. personalization


Winner take all

This is essentially picking just one experience to show on your website. This is useful when it’s important to have only one experience. For example, you might have one onboarding flow with a specific type of technology vs. another on your website that you want to direct visitors to.



  • Personalizing by segment: You might want to treat your customer segments differently on your websites. For example, you might want to send enterprise prospects to a website experience optimized for a chat with your sales team compared to lower-value prospects that you want to direct to a self-serve website experience.
  • Personalizing by individual: You take this approach a step further and tune the website experience for each individual website user — this is where machine learning personalization tools like Intellimize are quite helpful.

Because individuals behave differently on your website, we believe it’s important to not treat everyone the same. Perhaps even more importantly, people’s behaviors don’t stay the same on your website over time. Having the ability to tune your website to individual customers in the moment is a key advantage for marketers looking to grow revenue and conversions. Watch the video above to find out more about why we recommend personalization as a key driving force for website optimization.


To find out more about how you can apply website personalization to scale at your organization, contact us by clicking on the “Request Demo” button on our website.

Video: Main applications of machine learning in marketing

Machine Learning Personalization

Thanks to advanced algorithms and machine learning, there is a wide range of applications that digital marketers can use to grow their marketing strategies and drive more revenue for their organizations.


There are many branches in the machine learning tree, but we believe that these are the differences that matter most to marketing practitioners, like demand generation managers and growth marketers. By understanding which algorithms are appropriate for which business problems, marketers can get practical value out of machine learning.

In this video, Intellimize CEO Guy Yalif will walk through several common problems that marketers face, and how machine learning can help solve them.

What is machine learning good at in marketing?

  • Lead scoring
  • Finding the ideal price to sell your products and services
  • Finding the ideal promotional amount to use for your products and services
  • Determining whether or not a person will click on an ad
  • Determining whether or not an email is spam
    Determining what product or content to show on your website
  • Recognizing the content of an image
  • Writing an email subject line
  • Understanding speech
  • Customer segmentation
  • Finding business insights from data
  • Fraud detection or outlier detection
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Determining a sequence of emails to send to prospects

Each of these common marketing tasks falls under a specific type of branch in the machine learning tree. To find out more about machine learning and how it influences marketing, watch the video above.


Personalization is another area where machine learning is making a big impact. To understand how you can apply machine learning at scale to optimize your website for each individual customer with Intellimize, simply click on the Request Demo button on our website.

Video: How Drift used Intellimize to get 322% more qualified sales leads

Sara Pion shares her experience as a growth marketer at Drift, a fast-growing company that makes a chat software and conversation marketing platform used by over 150,000 companies around the world. Sara was faced with many of the same stumbling blocks that many growth marketers struggle with, including:

  • The never-ending pressure to deliver more signups on Drift’s website and more leads to a hungry sales team.
  • Sara knew she wanted to test ideas and optimize Drift’s website to cater to these needs, but was faced with continual backlogs with their design and web development teams.
  • Sara’s team didn’t have the ability to run tests on their own with their content management system.

Drift had to find a solution that allowed them to experiment with website optimization ideas quickly and easily without bogging down their internal teams.
Enter Intellimize. By using our predictive personalization platform, Sara was able to:

  • Drive more leads
  • Drive higher quality leads
  • Drive cross-channel learnings

In two quarters, Drift’s team was able to test what they called “big swings” for one of their most important pages, tried out 25,000 different variations of the page, and ended up seeing a 322% improvement. Drift was also able to drive more high-quality leads since they ran different experiences for their lead channels, and were able to set the right website optimization goals for the right people visiting their website in the moment.
To see more about Sara’s experience with using the Intellimize platform, check out the video above.
Want to see how your organization can benefit from predictive personalization? Simply click on the “Request Demo” button on our website.