Webinar: Strategies for Driving More Web Leads & Revenue: A CRO Fireside Chat

conversion rate optimization

In this fun fireside chat, two conversion rate optimization experts Guy Yalif, CEO of Intellimize, and Jeremy Epperson, Chief Growth Officer at GrowthHit, discuss a range of hot topics in CRO, including:

  • How to continue driving leads, revenue, and new customers through your website, even in light of the pandemic
  • 4 common customer blindspots that are hindering your web conversion performance
  • How to choose the right testing methodology to get the result you want
  • They’ll also share some examples of winning CRO experiments in B2B and e-commerce

Guy and Jeremy have two different backgrounds and two different perspectives. So listen in and walk away with lots of fresh insights & ideas to try in your business!



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Webinar: Web Conversion Tactics That Work Right Now

Web Conversion Optimization Ideas

In this interactive webinar, our all-star panel of marketing & conversion rate optimization experts talk web optimization strategy, share 11 winning web conversion examples to inspire you, and provide on-the-fly feedback on two audience members’ landing pages:

-Guy Yalif, CEO of Intellimize
-Matt Heinz, CEO of Heinz Marketing
-Ben Labay, Research Director at CXL
-Sam Molmud, Director of Web Strategy at Sumo Logic

Fun & banter included!


So grab a seat and a pen & paper (they share lots of ideas you’ll want to try on your own site), and then click the play button. Enjoy!



To learn more about how Intellimize can help your marketing team with website optimization efforts, request a demo here.