Conversion optimization that's working even when you're not.

Convert more with Continuous Conversion™

Continuous Conversion™

AI-powered dynamic personalization and advanced optimization

A/B testing

Traditional experiments to find a conclusive winner

Rules based personalization

Simple functionality to build personalization off of specific criteria

The only programmatic CRO platform

Unlike traditional A/B testing, with Continuous ConversionTM (in green on the graph) you don't have to wait for your website tests to reach stat sig to determine a winning variation.

As market dynamics, promotion launches and campaigns change, Continuous Conversion™ adapts in real-time, always showing personalized variations for 100% of visitors.

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How Continuous Conversion™ enables marketers to do more with less

Achieve critical business objectives

Continuous Conversion™ AI optimizes a page engagement goal while ensuring all website activities are positively impacting your site wide goal

Sustain growth

Continuous Conversion™ creates sustainable business growth with constant testing and learning so it's already making adjustments before any human would notice the need for change

Maximize resources

Continuous Conversion™ is constantly learning and improving without the need for persistent monitoring, providing you the focus on other critical parts of your business

Personalize in real time

Create a personalized customer experience for every visitor using real-time behavioral data

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Continuous Conversion

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Continuous Conversion

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Continuous Conversion

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Continuous Conversion

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Convert more with Intellimize Continuous Conversion™

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