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Turn more browsers into buyers.

Create a custom, adaptive experience with AI-driven optimization that converts eCommerce buyers like never before.

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The eCommerce marketer’s secret weapon.

Inspire Customers
to Take Action

Optimize each step in the buyer’s journey by driving them to complete a purchase, increase cart size, and more.

Experiment with New Ideas

Machine learning puts your ideas to the test—without loads of web development work.

Go 25x Faster

Continuous Conversion learns and adapts to what works best right now, sending your website experience to warp speed.

Get countless insights
in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Explore the Intellimize Dashboard and see what our website optimization tools can help you accomplish.

Jonathan Aizen
Founder at Amitree

“The solution allows us to easily see what’s working. We’ve been able to experiment with messaging and lift conversion rates.”

Optimize Your Homepage

Optimize your site and define goals that align with your business objectives.

A powerful dashboard for deep customer insight.

Access valuable behavioral marketing insights to maximize conversion goals in an innovative, intuitive dashboard.

Aurelian Lis
CEO of Dermalogica

“Intellimize helped us achieve 100% lift on adding items to bag with auto-replenishment.”

Set Goals

Optimize your site by defining goals that align with your business objectives.

Launch Campaigns

Easily create, preview, launch, and pause your campaigns at any time without restarting experiments.

View Performance

Rapidly zero in on the ideas driving conversion lift as well as the holes in your conversion funnel.

Gain Insights

Discover powerful insights into unique audiences and customer journeys.

Optimize Your Homepage

Optimize your site and define goals that align with your business objectives.

Endless possibilities for personalization (and conversion).

Simultaneously test hundreds of your most creative marketing ideas to see what content performs the best.

Personalize copy, images, layouts, CTAs, and more.


Customize Headlines

Meet visitors with a message relevant to where they are in their journey.


Swap Images

Show images that can boost conversion as they resonate with the individual.


Modify Calls to Action

Trigger conversions and conversations by suggesting the right next step.


Try New Page Layouts

Optimize page elements for different customers so they get what they need.


Reimagine Forms

Break the monotony or engage at a deeper level with visual forms.

Insert dynamic content that resonates with unique visitors.


Recognize Location

Using a personalized region, state, or city can increase site engagement.


Feature Products

Remind browsers of recently viewed items at the exact moment they are ready to purchase.


Swap Resources

Show the most relevant customer resources (think blog posts, guides, and more!) to inform, engage, and drive purchase decisions.

Recognize returning visitors and show them targeted content.


Trigger Shopping Cart Reminders

Don't let visitors leave without seeing what they left behind. Give them an offer to make them reconsider.


Highlight Recently Viewed Items

Did visitors see something they liked? Show each individual the items they recently viewed.


Feature Upsell Opportunities

Increase order volume by showing customers additional items they might be interested in.


Target Free Trial Customers

A special offer might be just the thing that inspires a trial customer to make a commitment.

case study

Higher conversions, happier marketers.

“We first tested Intellimize within our shopping cart headline messaging and saw a 52% increase in shopping cart conversions."

Meera Bhatia, Chief Product Officer, Stella & Dot

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