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There’s no limit to the personalization ideas we can try with Intellimize. We tested 85 new ideas in under 4 months, and generated 67% more product demos and trials.

Elisse Lockhart
VP Marketing, Bonusly

Personalize copy, images, layouts, CTAs, and more

There’s always more than one message to try, image to show, or layout to present. We can’t know which will drive lift with certainty, and “one-size-fits-all” answers leave money on the table. Let machine learning test your ideas simultaneously and find winning combinations for each individual in the moment.

Personalize headlines

Meet visitors with a message relevant to where they are in their journey.

Swap images

Show images that can boost conversion as they resonate with the individual.

Modify calls to action

Trigger conversions and conversations by suggesting the right next step.

Try new page layouts

Optimize page elements for different customers so they get what they need.

Shake up your standard forms

Break the monotony, or engage at a deeper level with visual forms.

Insert dynamic content that resonates

Grab a visitor’s attention when they see their own location, company name, or industry inserted in a headline or page copy. With a little more subtlety, you can swap in reviews, industry-specific case studies, logos, or quotes that offer a personal connection.

Recognize the visitor’s location

Using a personalized region, state, or city can increase site engagement.

Show industry-specific pages

With 3rd party data, the visitor’s industry can be determined to show headlines and copy that are right on target.

Update featured customers

Display customer logos within the visitor’s own market to communicate there’s a strong fit!

Swap case studies

Show the most relevant customer success stories to capture a prospect’s imagination.

Recognize returning visitors to show targeted content

With predictive personalization, marketers can serve up content based on what a returning visitor previously did on your site. If a visitor recently purchased, viewed, or abandoned items, you can make sure those items are highlighted for easy access.

Show buyers
stage-relevant content

Share ideal content as prospects move through the funnel toward a purchasing decision.

Remind about items left in cart

Don’t let visitors leave your site without seeing what they left behind. Give them an offer to make them reconsider.

Highlight recently viewed items

We all have favorite things. Remind each individual what they checked out lately.

Feature upsell opportunities

All customers should see the things they might need next!

Target Free Trial customers

A special offer might be just the thing that inspires a trial customer to make a commitment.

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