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Your cockpit for insights and control

Manage your automated website optimization through the Intellimize dashboard. It’s loaded with customer insights.

Jonathan Aizen - Founder, Amitree

The solution allows us to easily see what’s working. We’ve been able to experiment with messaging and lift conversion rates.

Jonathan Aizen
Founder, Amitree

Quickly understand what’s working (and what’s not!)

Campaign reports let you view the performance of all your current and past web optimization campaigns in terms of the goals you established.

Marketers can quickly zero in on the ideas that offer the greatest improvement over the original static site, or they can step back and review high level campaign performance metrics such as incremental value ($), incremental conversions (#), or total lift (%).


Set optimization goals for your top objectives

With intelligent website optimization, you can optimize your site the way you define success for your business.

You can define one or multiple goals that align with your business objectives and optimize across all of them simultaneously. If different digital actions have different impact on your business, you can give each goal a different value, and automatically optimize for total value.

Optimization goals are used by Intellimize’s machine learning to personalize the experience of future visitors so that they’re more likely to take a desired action. Smart marketer’s can use artificial intelligence in marketing to improve not only business performance but also user experience.

Common optimization goals are things like “add to cart,” “complete signup flow,” and “submit the form,” and each business defines their own goals.

Gain customer insights with the world’s largest focus group: your website visitors

As marketers learn which messages and experiences work better for different audiences, they can apply new insights to other marketing channels such as email, digital ads, direct mail, organic search, and social media.

The Intellimize dashboard’s filtering capabilities enable natural investigation into what’s working with different audiences. Slice results by any data Intellimize can see including traffic source, location, time of day/week, device, URL parameters, and/or any shared first- or third-party data.

Those who want to dig deeper in their own in-house analytics system can receive full visibility, down to the impression level, of every intelligent website optimization decision. No black box here!

Easily preview, launch, or pause your campaigns

Intellimize Personalization Dashboard

The Intellimize dashboard is mission control for managing your website optimization campaigns.

Preview variations we’ve coded for you on your live site and, if you like what you see, bring them live for visitors to see. Add and remove variations anytime you like, without restarting learning. You are in total control.

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