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Adaptive websites for conversion-obsessed marketers

By optimizing for each individual, Intellimize helps ecommerce marketers turn browsers into buyers.

Trusted by leading Ecommerce brands

Aurelian Lis - CEO, Dermalogica

Intellimize helped us achieve 100% lift on adding items to bag with auto-replenishment.

Aurelian Lis
CEO, Dermalogica

Drive customers toward completing purchase, increasing cart size, or signing up for a subscription

With intelligent website optimization, visitors will see the right merchandising to help them press the coveted “Buy” button more often.

We believe you can and should optimize each step in the buyer’s journey, which is why our ecommerce conversion optimization solution is so powerful.

We start with optimizing the content and layout on the first landing page to most effectively move a visitor to a product detail or subscription page. Then we help an individual confidently confirm their purchase decision with our powerful ecommerce conversion rate optimization solution, delivering the right message at the right time to turn those browsers into buyers.

Ecommerce Conversion Optimization

Try more merchandising ideas, and quit leaving money on the table.

Ecommerce Personalization Software

Machine learning lets you try all of your merchandising ideas at the same time without creating work overload for you or your engineering team.

Here are a few tactics that often work well to increase performance:

  • Price framing that highlights sharp discounts to emphasize value for promotion oriented brands
  • Countdowns and inventory call-outs that create a sense of urgency or scarcity
  • Incentives, such as free shipping above a certain cart size, to encourage buying more and/or buying now
  • Visual layouts that highlight product details or more appealing imagery
  • Social proof, such as ratings and reviews, that validate value and quality

Work through your (cart) abandonment issues

If a visitor looks like they are going to abandon your site, offer a discount or free shipping.

If they are leaving after putting items in their cart, serve up a personalized reminder of those recently viewed items that are still waiting to be purchased.

If they’ve already left, trigger an email that lets them know know you’ve missed them. Re-engaging a few of these site visitors can have a big impact on site performance.

(Some of these tactics, such as launching bespoke abandon modals, require a bit of web developer magic. Our solution engineering team exists to bring these things to life on your site!)

Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions

Every site is different, and we’d love to discuss your unique use cases and goals.

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