How Predictive Personalization Drives Better Results than A/B Testing

We Help You Deliver Measurable Impact

We work with you to deliver faster and better results with less work


We Help You Identify Ideas That Drive Results

Intellimize makes it easy to test lots of ideas quickly. We offer free conversion rate optimization consulting to help you brainstorm ideas and apply our experience and data to help you focus on areas most likely to have the biggest impact.


We Handle the Coding to Help Bring Your Ideas to Life

You provide the creative assets, and we bring your ideas to life by coding them. Typically there is no engineering work needed from your team. We enable you to execute bigger, more interactive ideas than you could achieve with a simple drag-and-drop editor. We typically turn around a batch of ideas in 2-3 days, then once you approve, you control setting each idea live with a few clicks in our user interface.


Your Ideas + Our Technology Deliver Results

Once you activate your ideas Intellimize automatically allocates traffic amongst them giving more traffic to higher performing ideas and delivering real time reporting in our dashboard. You’ll see Intellimize begin optimizing performance immediately--unlike traditional A/B and multivariate testing that can take weeks or longer to reach statistical significance and deliver benefits. Best of all, Intellimize continues to optimize over time, so as your customers’ behavior changes, your personalization adjusts to ensure optimal performance.


Review Results and Identify New Personalization Opportunities

Learn which messages and experiences are resonating with your prospects. Refine insights for each segment by drilling into your audience and exploring the machine learned segmentation Intellimize uses for personalization. For example, if users in certain states respond better to certain variations, you might consider new kinds of experiences aimed at geographic personalization.

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We work with leading technology providers to ensure smooth integration between our services.  Plus we are continually building new partnerships in support of our clients’ needs.

Intellimize includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from