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Drive More Web Conversions with Intelligent Website Optimization

Intellimize’s machine learning selects the best experience for each visitor. The result is a seamless, personalized experience that drives more conversions.

  • We’d love to share what we can do for your conversion rates.

We’d love to share what we can do for your conversion rates.

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Great companies are getting more conversions with Intellimize

AI-driven experimentation and personalization at scale

Intellimize machine learning selects the best web experience for each visitor at that moment. The average Intellimize customer tries 177 ideas, creating 78 million possible combinations and experiences a 46% conversion uplift.

Identify many website experiences to test


Intellimize runs all combinations of the ideas in parallel


Machine learning selects the best experience for each individual in the moment


Why Intellimize?

How are we different than A/B testing?
A/B Testing vs Intellimize

Faster Learning

Test all ideas at once and optimize immediately. Test all of your ideas in parallel and start seeing meaningful results in hours and days. Our campaign optimization team will provide weekly guidance, delivering strategic advice and support to achieve your goals.

Better Results

Intellimize dynamically adjusts your website and treats every visitor differently. We optimize each buyer’s path to conversion based on where they’re at in their journey with you. 

Buyer Path Optimization
A/B Testing Tools

Less Work

Automate rote work and skip the coding. With Intellimize, our machine learning automates this work so you can focus on creating new ideas. Our team will then code those new ideas into your website for you within a few days!


Achieve an average 46% lift in website conversions, like leads or revenue


Achieve this lift 25x faster than A/B testing is capable of

Save countless hours of manual work

Measurable value for marketers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Just place one line of code on your website, and in almost every situation you’re ready to go.

Intellimize uses machine learning to automatically and dynamically personalize your site for each unique visitor. More experiments with faster learning lead to better results and more winners, all with less work than traditional approaches.

Employing A/B testing or rules-based personalization may be better than having a static website, but they are outdated approaches.

  • A/B testing is slow, offers limited testing scope, and results in one “winner” that’s deployed for all visitors, forever.
  • Multivariate testing (MVT) offers greater testing scope, but is even slower than A/B testing, and still results in one “winner” that’s deployed for all visitors, forever.
  • Rules-based personalization is just hardcoded if-then-else statements, and offers the same experience for each segment, forever.

Most of our customers begin working with us by giving us no first- or third-party data at all.

Instead, we use information we can discern simply because a visitor requested a page from your website, including:

  • Location: City/state/country
  • Device: Mobile/desktop/tablet
  • First visit/repeat visit
  • Traffic source (i.e. where the visitor was just before they visited your site)
  • Time of day, day of week, and time zone

Additionally, if a visitor comes to your site from a paid ad or an email, we will automatically parse any UTM parameters you probably already included.


Deliver Results Quickly

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