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Maintain the continuity of your ad messages

Maintain the continuity of your ad messages

Compel visitors from paid ads to convert once they reach your site by using the same imagery, keywords, phrases, and special offers from the ad. Whatever brought the prospect to your site obviously piqued their interest and resonated with them. By repurposing the specific ad content on the page, you may encourage them to stay on the site and drive engagement.


Leverage UTM parameters in your ads and email campaigns

Adding unique UTM parameters to the URLs of each ad and email campaign lets you know where your prospect came from and what content they viewed before arriving on your website.


Repurpose the content from your ad on the page

You can present the same content from the ad or email on the web page to create a consistent and tailored experience. Components from the ad you might repurpose on the page:

  • Hero image
  • Phrasing and keywords
  • Tone, intent, special offer
Example: MasterClass.com

In this example, a Facebook video ad features former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov promoting a class on how to play chess. Clicking the ad opens the website to an image of Garry showcasing the chess class and the 50% off promo.

Personalize Your Homepage
This is a much cleaner, tailored experience that focuses on my interest in chess, rather than the generic homepage that doesn’t even include the chess class.
Showcase Relevant Content to Users
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