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Shorter messaging and different tone

Shorter messaging and different tone

Try testing out different approaches to how you say what you want to say. Your prospects might respond better to simpler phrasing or a shift in the tone of your message.


Word count: Less is more

There’s often a simpler way to say… just about anything. When you put the effort into distilling your verbiage down to its simplest form, your prospects notice. You can make a big impact here. Consider creating variations with simpler phrasing and fewer words.

Example: Bill.com

In one example, this banner initially had a list of items. The text in the list was longer, encroaching on the image, and used a smaller font, making it harder to scan.

A simplified variation reduced the number of words and eliminated the list while keeping the same intent. The text now visually aligns with the natural flow of the image and is easier to scan.


Try different tones and approaches

Consider how you say it, not necessarily what you say. How you deliver the message can make all the difference in getting a prospect on board. Think about how you’d talk to the visitor if you were talking to them in real life. Often your tone will change based on how many times you’ve met the person and what their perceived level of interest is.

Test different ways of saying the same message. For instance:

  • Direct vs. casual
    • Direct: “Buy now”
    • Casual: “Start considering”
  • Just the facts vs. conversational
    • Just the facts: “9 out of 10 people who switch see a minimum of 25% lift.”
    • Conversational: “If you’re looking to place a safe bet, consider trying Solution X. Most of our customers see a minimum of 25% lift. Why gamble elsewhere?”
  • Features vs. Benefit (i.e. “what we do well” vs. “your problems we can solve”)
    • Features: “Our chatbot tech responds 3 times faster than the leading competitor.”
    • Benefit: “Stop losing prospects because of slow chat response times.”
  • Scarcity vs. abundance (e.g. “Only 3 spots left”)
    • Scarcity: “Sign up now! Only 3 spots left”, “Only 10 hours left to sign up.”
    • Abundance: “Sessions start every hour, so there’s always a slot available to sign up.”
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