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More Conversions, in Less Time: How Sumo Logic Built an Effective CRO Strategy from Scratch

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January 27, 2021

Jan 27, 2021

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Conversion rate optimization. Website testing.

As marketers, we know these offer tremendous value, but where do you start? What do you test first? Which page do you optimize first? Where’s the biggest opportunity to make a quick impact on your metrics?

When Sam Molmud, Director of Web Strategy at Sumo Logic, joined the organization in 2019, he was tasked with building a website testing and CRO strategy from the ground up. From running A/B tests to ultimately finding success with machine learning-based website optimization with Intellimize, Sam has turned the Sumo Logic website into a lead gen machine and accumulated numerous learnings along the way.

Sam has been there, done that, and he’s ready to share his knowledge to empower other marketers.

In this webinar, Sam speaks about his journey, where he successfully ran 10 years worth of tests in just 6 months.

Featured Speakers:

Sam Molmud

Director, Web Strategy & Operations, Sumo Logic

Guy Yalif

CEO and Co-Founder, Intellimize

Webinar Details

Listen in and learn:

  • [4:56] The challenges he experienced with A/B testing that have been solved by machine learning-driven website optimization with Intellimize
  • [8:45] How Sam built a CRO strategy from scratch, including pulling together resources, establishing benchmarks, and setting goals
  • [17:57] 6+ website testing ideas that are working right now, that are enabling everything from decreased drop-offs on the home page to increased conversions from paid ad traffic
  • [35:54] Find out the overall incredible lift % that Sumo Logic achieved from working with Intellimize

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