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Modern marketing plays for converting 100% of website visitors who should convert

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May 1, 2019

May 01, 2019

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Webinar: Learn how to deliver the personalized, relevant experience your website visitors crave and deserve – and gain higher quality leads as a result

In this webinar, Guy Yalif, Co-Founder & CEO of Intellimize, Francis Brero, Co-Founder & CRO of MadKudu, and Guillaume Cabane, Former VP Growth of Drift and Segment, teach us marketers the significance of shifting our focus away from “just getting the conversion”, and instead, to laying the groundwork for creating a fantastic user experience. It’s here where the conversion will take care of itself.

Featured Speakers:

Francis Brero

Co-Founder & CRO, MadKudu

Guy Yalif

CEO and Co-Founder, Intellimize

Webinar Details

Watch now and learn:

  • 3 plays that leading SaaS companies are using to optimize their websites for lead conversion flow — and the needle-moving results they’re gaining from it
  • How to approach data collection, personalization, and lead scoring on your website
  • Ultimately, how to get 100% of the website visitors who you want to convert, to convert

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Talk to sales.

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