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Information Security

At Intellimize, we understand the trust that you, our customers, place in us. As such, we make every effort to build security and privacy into our systems, our processes and our culture.

Our Information Security and Privacy Programs were developed based on internationally recognized standards (including ISO 27001 and NIST 800-53) and industry best practices and are monitored and revised with a continuous improvement mindset. Our culture embodies that mindset as well and empowers our people to explore, create and innovate in an environment that fosters growth and responsibility.

We leverage Amazon Web Services as our partner, not just in technology but for security as well. Their Information Security information can be found here:

Our Information Security Program includes provisions for Application Security, Network Security, and Platform Security including strict access controls, encryption, secure coding standards, vulnerability management, and a full defense-in-depth model applied to our formal DevSecOps processes.

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For additional information regarding Data Privacy, including GDPR, see our Privacy pages located here

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