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WEBINAR: August 19th @ 9AM PT

How Okta Drove 1,500 Website Leads and 10% More Free Trials in 90 Days

The website is a key channel for lead generation. The challenge is moving more high quality traffic through to conversion.

Rodolfo Yiu and Pete Hanley will share the Okta team’s successful transition from traditional A/B testing to Continuous Conversion with Intellimize. This enabled their team to quickly launch new optimizations, see results immediately, and ultimately accelerate free trial conversions and leads to boost their demand gen efforts.

Your Speakers:

Headshot_300x300_RodolfoYiu (1)

Rodolfo Yiu
Sr Manager, Digital

Headshot_300x300_PeteHanley (1)

Pete Hanley
Digital Marketing Mgr


Guy Yalif

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Join us August 19th @ 9am PT and learn:

  • How Okta has used Intellimize’s Continuous Conversion platform to turn their website into a lead gen machine
  • How Okta resolved 2 key issues: form completion and home page drop-off
  • 4 successful website tests from Okta to inspire your own testing

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