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WEBINAR: May 20th @ 9AM PT

How Website Personalization Helped Snowflake's ABM Team Increase Meetings by 49%

For Snowflake, ABM as a strategy is a no-brainer. But if ABM is inherently about personalizing to each account, what is the best way to automate and scale this online?

Hillary Carpio and Breanna Gaul from Snowflake’s ABM team found the solution in Intellimize.

Your Speakers:


Hillary Carpio
Director of ABM


Breanna Gaul
Manager of ABM


Guy Yalif

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Join us May 20th @ 9am PT and learn:

  • Snowflake’s end-to-end ABM strategy
  • How Snowflake efficiently scaled ABM personalization with Intellimize, helping drive a 49% lift in meetings
  • How they use intent data to personalize landing pages
  • Successful website personalization ideas

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