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46% Average Lift

on the metrics that our customers defined as important business objectives


3 Years worth of learnings in 3 Months
Segment, a company that helps marketers more easily use their customer data, chose Intellimize to accelerate the pace of testing and learning on their site with the goal of driving more meetings with their sales team. In their first 3 months using Intellimize, they tested 105 ideas (the equivalent of 3+ years of A/B tests) while driving more conversions.
  • Faster Results: Tested 105 ideas, totaling 4.5 billion page possible combinations in 3 months
  • Better Results: 55% improvement in conversion rate
  • Less Work: Tested 4.5 billion possible page combinations without setting up rules or managing experiments
See how Segment drove more conversions with higher ACV


70% lift in customer referrals
See how Perkville delivered more customer referrals for their clients
Perkville Logo

Perkville, a customer referral and loyalty platform, used Intellimize to increase referrals on its system for its clients. With just a few thousand page views per day, they were able to test multiple ideas while improving the volume of customer referrals for their clients.

  • Better Results: 70% increase in conversions across referral send and respond pages
  • Faster Results: Achieved this lift in less than 2 months, with less than 2,000 page views per day to learn from
  • Less Work: Optimized across 633,000 possible combinations of the page, with no human intervention needed to feed winning ideas more traffic and starve losing ideas of traffic


52% Increase in Shopping Cart Conversions
Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot was faced with a challenge to balance messaging for the different kinds of visitors to their site. They chose Intellimize to automate and scale optimization for these audiences and drove impressive results:

  • Better Results: 52% increase in shopping cart conversions
  • Faster Results: Tested 400 combinations of the checkout page in months
  • Less Work: Accomplished the equivalent of years of A/B testing in months
See how Stella & Dot used Intellimize to drive more sales

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