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Next generation technology is behind our customers’ success

Our modern approach to website optimization makes a difference

Guillaume Cabane - VP of Growth, Segment

Intellimize AI lets us constantly test multiple variations in parallel (goodbye, A/B testing)

Guillaume Cabane
Former VP of Growth, Segment


With proprietary algorithms based on the latest innovations in machine learning and honed over billions of automated decisions, Intellimize AI is unmatched in the market, outperforming A/B split testing & multivariate testing, and leaving ordinary A/B testing software in the dust. 

Upon this foundation, we’ve invented unique capabilities that deliver advantages to marketers, such as simultaneously optimizing for multiple objectives, adding or removing page variations without pausing or restarting tests, and automatically discovering new segments in real time.


Viewers won’t wait for a slow website. Intellimize is purpose built to predict in milliseconds what experiences are most likely to cause a visitor to convert, and to present those optimizations immediately and without screen flicker. Flicker happens when a visitor sees the base website and then, a short time later, a different, optimized page. Intellimize delivers a fast and seamless experience.


Intellimize is ready to scale with your company’s growth, even at large enterprises. We can personalize the highest traffic websites and are proven to test creative ideas 25x faster than traditional A/B testing. We remove bottlenecks on implementation and time to test to rapidly work through your backlog of creative ideas for the website. Together, we will discover the ideas that really pay off.


​There’s no need to wonder what decisions our AI algorithms are making. Intellimize provides marketers with white box visibility into the machine learning itself. You can see every single decision that the machine makes and know every web page variation that every visitor experienced. This offers powerful insights into behavior by segment that can be leveraged across channels. No black box here!


Operating within a modern tech stack is table stakes today. We seamlessly access data provided by 3rd party partners to improve conversion performance for our clients. This includes sources such as Clearbit, Hull, MaxMind, and more. We also export data for analysis in 3rd party partner analytics platforms including Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Segment, enabling our customers to make connections and gain insights that can improve marketing performance.


We won’t let you down, period. Our website optimization uptime record is world class. Plus, just in case there ever should be a disruption, the entire system is designed so that your web pages will all continue to operate normally.


We understand the trust that you, our customers, place in us. As such, we make every effort to build security and privacy into our systems, our processes and our culture. Our Information Security and Privacy programs were developed based on internationally recognized standards (including ISO 27001 and NIST 800-53) and industry best practices, and we have completed AICPA SOC 2 third party attestation and are Privacy Shield compliant.

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