Faster Results

Unlike A/B or multivariate testing that can take weeks or longer to complete, Intellimize starts learning and shifting traffic in minutes to drive results sooner.  Plus, instead of testing one idea at a time, you can test all your ideas simultaneously and typically see results much faster than with traditional tests.

Better Results

Instead of presenting the same experience to all users or requiring lots of rules to define personalization, Intellimize automatically personalizes the experience for each user to deliver the best results.  As user behavior changes over time, Intellimize adjusts continuously to the new behavior.

Less Work

We handle coding your variations allowing you to get more tests live with less work. Additionally Intellimize’s predictive personalization eliminates the need to set up test cells, define complex personalization rulesets and monitor campaign progress day-to-day.  


We work with leading technology providers to ensure smooth integration between our services.  Plus we are continually building new partnerships in support of our clients’ needs.

Intellimize includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from