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Predictive Personalization

Automated 1-to-1 website personalization, using machine learning

Maximize the impact of your ideas with machine learning

Intellimize will maximize the revenue and conversion uplift of your ideas by finding the right combination of ideas to show each unique visitor in real time using all of the data about that visitor.

Intellimize will then automatically feed the winning ideas more traffic and starve the losing ideas of traffic, accelerating learning, driving more lift, and making it safe to try a lot of ideas at once.

Test all of your ideas at once and learn faster

Traditional A/B testing forces you to test one idea at a time and wait until the test is fully wrapped up before trying anything else. Testing multiple ideas at once with traditional multivariate testing takes exponentially longer and also prevents any changes during the test.

Intellimize enables you to try all of your ideas at once, lets you add and remove variations at any time, and delivers learning faster by using AI to learn more from each impression.

In fact, over the last two years, our average customer tried 177 different ideas that would’ve taken more than 50 years to test using traditional A/B testing, saving them years of time.

Leverage all of your data

Traditional A/B testing doesn’t take data about your visitors into account.

Intellimize will use all of the data you make available to do a better job of personalizing the experience to each unique visitor. Intellimize is extensible and will automatically consider all of your data when optimizing your website.

Intellimize can also see a lot on its own simply because your visitor came to your website including location, time of day / day of week, traffic source, previous behavior on your website, and more.

Our customers’ data typically comes from in house systems and/or third parties they are already using. If you can get the data to Intellimize, our machine learning will use it to better personalize your prospects’ experiences.

Implement Intellimize with just one line of code

Implementation is typically one line of code. You can typically get started quickly and without bothering engineering.

Intellimize works by modifying your existing website as it is rendering for a visitor. Here’s how:

  1. The Intellimize line of code is placed high on your web page
  2. In milliseconds, Intellimize will predict the best version of your page to show this visitor at this moment in time
  3. As your page begins rendering in the browser, Intellimize will modify the page in milliseconds as it is rendering to show the visitor their individually optimized version of the page

If you are using a single page app (you’ll know if you are), then there is a single API to call as well. That’s it.

If you like, you can optionally give Intellimize additional first or third-party data to better optimize.

You can also receive full visibility, down to the impression level, of every decision Intellimize makes right into your own analytics system of choice.

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