Intellimize vs. Optimizely

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Intellimize and Optimizely both provide experimental testing and personalization capabilities to help digital marketing teams remove points of friction across their website properties. So what sets Intellimize apart?

  • AI Optimize from Intellimize enables an efficient, always-on, personalization and optimization program for data-driven marketing teams. AI Optimize automatically reacts to changes in user behavior to always maintain the best conversion rate possible.
  • Intellimize can personalize for every website visitor, even anonymous ones, upon first visit, all through AI and machine learning to dynamically deliver 1:1 experiences at scale.
  • Intellimize is made for performance marketers of any skill level, its no-code capabilities are intuitive to use and easy to learn.
  • AI Optimize provides a flexible experimentation environment for marketers to iterate on live experiments without resetting learnings. As such, users are able to test and learn 25x faster than with only A/B testing.

Choosing the right platform is important. Learn why forward-thinking companies are choosing Intellimize to future-proof their marketing strategies. 

Key Features

No-code visual editor
AI copy suggestions (GPT-3)
No-code audience builder
One-click playbooks
B2B metrics
B2C metrics
A/B testing, rules
Programmatic CRO
Sitewide business goal
On-page engagement goal
AI for auto-discovery & auto-actioning of segments
Accelerating testing insights*
Personalize for anonymous visitors
Personalize first page view inbound
Simple onboarding
Intuitive self-service capabilities
*Optimizely’s A/B stats accelerator & Intellimize’s AI Optimize

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