Powerful integrations

While you don’t need first or third-party data to realize immediate value with Intellimize, we want to make it super easy for you to integrate the power of Intellimize into your existing tech stack so you can convert more, faster and easier.


Target specific visitors with specific content on your site, using 6sense’s rich company-level information and Intellimize's machine learning.


Real-time intelligence across your stack to improve acquisition, conversion, & operations. Enrich your data with over 150 data points.


Find and engage the accounts and buying groups most likely to purchase.

Google Ads

Google campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are ready to target using Audience Builder, with learnings in Audience Insights.

Google Analytics

One-click auto-configure your impression-level experimentation event data to GA within minutes to align your conversion and campaign insights.


Connect your HubSpot data about companies, contacts and deals to target, personalize and gain insights.


Leverage rich behavioral, built-in intelligence data, and sophisticated journey flows to identify, engage, and accelerate the customer experience.


Unlock valuable customer insights to better convert, engage, and retain users with Mixpanel's powerful, self-serve product analytics.


Always-on session recordings, heatmaps, events, funnels and more for your website or app.


Identify and engage target accounts with digital ads, web personalization, email signatures, and sales automation to amplify your ABM program.


Associate a user's online experience with a lead, contact, account, or opportunity.


Collect, unify, and enrich customer data across any app or device, all in one safe place with the data governance, control, and tools you need.


Optimize your store and create personalized experiences throughout the entire buyer journey.

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