Understand what makes your visitors convert

Run  powerful A/B tests on any element of your website to determine what’s working and what’s not.

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A smarter A/B testing solution

Target any audience for precise testing. Choose how you split your audience and what segments see your test.

Use our codeless Visual Editor to test any element of your site. Drag and drop sections, add or remove elements, and change copy easily.

A/B test illustration

Test ideas fast

Quickly launch new tests using our codeless Visual Editor or code them yourself.

Decide with data

See incoming test results for on-page and site-wide goals with statistical significance.

Gain valuable insights

Never miss a conversion by learning what’s working and get recommendations for new tests.

Iterate off of results

Identify new testing opportunities based on the results of previous and current tests.

“There’s no limit to the ideas we can try with Intellimize. We tested 85 new ideas in under 4 months, and generated 67% more product demos and trials.”
Elisse Lockhart, VP of Marketing at Bonusly

How companies are performing website testing with Intellimize

Custom splits

Set the % split you want between two variations.

Target within segments

Target your testing with all of your web traffic or within a certain segment of your audience

​​Stat sig calculation

Know with certainty if your test’s observed effects are due to random chance. 

Audience insights

Know what variations resonate with certain audiences.

Trends graph

See performance over time to track progress.

Multivariate testing

Test as many ideas as you want with an even traffic split to determine a winner.

Deliver value with experimentation

A/B testing is a critical piece of any experimentation program. When used in tandem with personalization and optimization, your marketing programs will be unstoppable. 

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