Personalize with AI

Show buyers that you know what matters to them and provide the personalized experiences they deserve.

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An easy way to personalize your website

Personalize your website for all of your unique visitors across the entire buyer’s journey. Create dedicated landing pages to ensure a seamless cross-channel experience.

Website personalization

Scale your program

Use AI to show the right experience to the right user at scale across your campaigns.

Measure your impact

See how your personalized experiences perform against your baseline.

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Customize by persona

Dynamically change page content to tailor your messaging to each audience.

Hit revenue targets

Create personalized landing pages and seamlessly integrate into your channels.

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“My team is empowered to scale and optimize our web personalization to keep up with our increasing web traffic. We can now better capitalize on each engagement and convert quality leads for our ever-growing sales team.”
Denise Persson, CMO at Snowflake

How companies are delivering hyper-personalized experiences with Intellimize

Dynamic content

Show different users custom content using variables like keyword, company name, industry, and more.


Match up to 70% of your anonymous traffic with Enhanced Match—let AI personalize the remaining 30%.

​​Audience builder

Build custom audiences to target by channel, domain, geography, industry, and more.

Product recommendations

Increase AOV by creating recommended bundles on your Shopify PDPs with any product in your store.

Ads integrations

Target visitors from paid campaigns without having to deal with UTMs then report on it in Audience Insights.

AI copy suggest

Get recommended tailored headlines, copy, and  CTAs.


Are you missing out on 40% more revenue?

Brands that invest in personalization have the potential to generate 40% more revenue than those that don’t.

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