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The greatest squandered opportunity in marketing

Marketers spend a fortune directing leads to their websites, investing in optimized outbound channels like email and digital ads. But when they get there– at juuuust the moment we need them to convert – the personalization stops.

Let’s fix that.

Shilpa Narwade - Head of Global Demand Generation, Looker

Intellimize’s machine learning based optimization delivered 5x ROI.

Shilpa Narwade
Head of Global Demand Generation, Looker


Low conversion websites are the largest squandered opportunity in marketing

We’ve been talking about personalization as the key to conversion optimization since the dawn of the Internet. Marketers have invested heavily for years in optimizing outbound channels like email and digital ads. But marketers have neglected the website, the most critical conversion platform of all, and where most revenue is made.

Marketers know this has to change. We can’t keep spending billions to get prospects to web pages that don’t convert well.

With Continuous Conversion™, websites can deliver highly responsive, highly individualized website experiences in the moment that convert at scale. This approach has improved results in 88% of campaigns that our customers have run over the last 2 years.

AI-powered Conversion Optimization


Machine learning redefines your website

Marketers have long been climbing the wrong mountain. Instead of trying to build a better website for the average site visitor, marketers should be building the right website for every individual visitor, with all their unique, ever-changing needs and behaviors. Traditional conversion rate optimization (CRO) mindsets, methods, and tools can never get you there.

Only machine learning enables you to optimize for each unique visitor now and as your visitors change over time. High conversion rates naturally follow when marketers marry their ideas with machine learning that automatically and instantaneously shows every visitor their own personalized, optimized page. This is Continuous Conversion™, invented for conversion-obsessed marketing teams. No more A/B testing or complex personalization rules.


Intellimize replaces static, low converting websites with high conversion pages

Our machine learning platform delivers a new kind of experience, where visitors get a bespoke, optimized page in the moment driven by your best, most creative ideas and almost always without the need to code. Intellimize delivers:

  • Real-time Optimization – The platform auto learns what converts – based on the creative alternatives defined by your team – starting from the very first moment, without the need for any prior data.
  • Proactive Personalization – Amplifies page variations that work by showing them more often and protects against page versions that don’t by starving them of traffic. We call this Continuous Testing™.
  • Perpetual Automation Engine – We serve your best ideas to drive more conversions automatically, without the need for human intervention, even if what works is different from last year, last month, or yesterday.

Your team provides the creative ideas, Intellimize provides supporting intelligence & automation, and you get ongoing higher conversion rates across the funnel.

Machine Learning Powered Personalization


Who can afford to wait?

Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

CMO tenure is shorter than ever. Pressure is on marketers to deliver hard results right now. Better results this quarter are preferable to next quarter.

Intellimize uses machine learning to optimize every session, giving each person a unique web experience, generated to optimize one thing: conversion. With rapid implementation, assigned Conversion Squad™ experts, and fast machine learning, you can start seeing higher conversion rates in as little as a few days.

The static website is dead. Don’t be the last one in your market to figure that out.

We’d love to share what we can do for your web conversion.

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