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Growth and revenue marketers need help

Under constant pressure to hit the numbers, marketers need a little lift. We see an average 46% lift with our customers!

Shilpa Narwade - Head of Global Demand Generation, Looker

Intellimize’s machine learning based optimization delivered 5x ROI.

Shilpa Narwade, Head of Global Demand Generation

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Your website is where all of your other channels go to convert

Are you treating your website as your #1 channel? It is typically your company’s most strategic online real estate to explain who you are and what you offer.

Landing pages are often the first experience a visitor has with your brand, especially with paid ad. Yet, all too often, marketers are leaving money on the table by not focusing more on these web pages that have so much potential to convert more of this traffic.

With intelligent website optimization, those same websites can connect with more buyers and lead to more conversions. This approach has improved results in 88% of campaigns that our customers have run over the last 2 years.

AI-powered Conversion Optimization

Intelligent optimization tops rules and A/B tests

Traditional rules-based personalization approaches are too brittle, and typical A/B testing methods are too slow. Both require too much effort and leave money on the table. There’s a better way to test out website ideas that connect with your visitors.

Intelligent website optimization automatically presents the best version of your website to each individual visitor in the moment, which has delivered an average of 46% lift in the metrics that our customers defined as important business objectives.

With this more powerful approach, marketers can work through their backlog of creative ideas 25x faster than traditional A/B testing by removing bottlenecks on implementation and testing time.

AI-based Intellimize does what others don't

Unlike traditional optimization approaches, our machine learning powered optimization can:

  • Dynamically adjust which website variations are shown over time based on changes in visitor behavior driven by ad campaigns, market conditions, seasonality, and more. No more finding a “right answer” for everyone and using it forever.
  • Simultaneously optimize for multiple goals based on how you run your company. Optimize for leads, conversions, and/or purchases based on how valuable each is to your business.
  • Flexibly add or remove personalization variations and optimization goals anytime, without restarting your entire campaign learning.

Plus, don’t forget that the Intellimize campaign optimization team meets with every customer weekly to provide best practices guidance. Then, solution engineers are standing by to eliminate typical development constraints and get virtually all of your optimization ideas live, usually within a few days.

Machine Learning Powered Personalization

Who can afford to wait?

Pressure is on marketers to deliver hard results right now. Better results this quarter are preferable to next quarter. 
Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

With rapid implementation, dedicated web development engineers, and fast machine learning, you can start seeing higher conversion rates in as little as one week.

The next conversation with your boss about this quarter’s results can be a lot rosier.

What are you waiting for?

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