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4 Email Personalization Tactics to Build Customer Loyalty

It’s no secret that email personalization is key to helping e-commerce brands stand out from the fast-growing competition. But once you win a customer over, your work is far from done. While personalization is paramount for new customer acquisition, it also plays a critical role in continuing to win a shopper’s business and turning them into a loyal customer. According to Salesforce, 70% of consumers say how well a company understands their individual needs directly impacts their brand loyalty. So, how exactly do you go about building customer loyalty through email personalization?

Let’s explore 4 email personalization tactics that will help you convert more loyal customers and delight your existing ones. 

1. Offer personalized product recommendations

The more a customer shops with you—or even browses your site—you can get a good sense of their preferences and predict similar items they might like (and purchase!). According to Salesforce, 84% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that treats them like a person, not a number. 

Express recommends new arrivals based on the shopper’s previous purchases and browsing history, using both the subject line and the body copy of the email to highlight that these items were hand-picked for this specific customer.

2. Create a sense of FOMO through cart reminder emails

Because so many people ‘window shop’ online, cart reminder emails are a great tool to create a sense of FOMO for your customers, compelling them to return to your site and complete their purchase. Be sure to include an image of the item(s) the customer left in their cart (just like Target does in the below email) so they remember exactly what they’ve left behind. If a customer continues to come back to their cart but does not follow through with their purchase, consider sending them a promo code or offering free shipping to seal the deal.

3. Send regular rewards updates with personalized recommendations

The members of your rewards program are already your most loyal customers, so keep it that way by regularly reminding them of their points status and if they have any rewards they can use right now. Plus, if you have a tiered rewards program where members get even better benefits as they move up, be sure to include the member’s current tier and how much they have left to spend to maintain that status or move up to the next level. Ulta sends a Monthly Statement to their rewards members, which includes an update of how many points/eligible rewards they have and how much they have left to spend this year to maintain their current rewards.

4. Link CTAs to personalized landing pages

When it comes to reducing cart abandonment a seamless email-to-site transition is key. This means the CTAs in your cart abandonment emails should link to landing pages on your site that reflect the same personalization tactics used in your email program. Implementing personalized landing pages will not only help to keep your messaging consistent, but will also reduce friction during the buying process. This, of course takes a ton to trial and error to see which personalized elements work well across both your emails and website. Use an AI-powered CRO tool like Intellimize to test tons of site personalization ideas quickly, and see which ones work best with for your audience.


Personalizing your marketing emails is just one step to creating a tailored customer journey and converting more loyal customers. Even more paramount is personalizing your website so that your customers have a seamless transition from your email to your site and know they’re in the right place. 

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