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Webflow Acquires Intellimize

Intellimize customers and community, I am writing today with some very exciting news. I am thrilled to announce that Webflow has acquired Intellimize. With this acquisition, marketing teams can now create on-brand, professional websites that drive conversions and revenue. This move accelerates our mission to personalize the buyer’s journey with our proprietary AI, delivering unique experiences at a one-to-one level. 

When conversations with Webflow began, I quickly knew this was not only a great strategic match for our customers, but also an excellent cultural alignment for the Intellimize team. Both Webflow and Intellimize carry similar philosophies, placing immense value on a customer-first approach and building products that are easy to use.  

Webflow has long helped designers easily create professional websites, and combining this with the powerful optimization and personalization capabilities of Intellimize, will create new functionality unmatched by any other platform. The ability for designers and marketers to build their brand and drive demand is on every CMO’s wishlist. Webflow has coined this concept the Website Experience Platform (WXP), and we're excited to help bring this vision to life and to scale rapidly across Webflow's 200K+ customer base.

In the coming months, we'll natively integrate our products, so that all Webflow customers can implement advanced personalization and experimentation directly in Webflow. For our existing customers, it's business as usual with our product for the foreseeable future. We are excited to help our customers  continue to grow with us and you can expect the ongoing, heavy investment in product development that you have come to experience over the past eight years.

With gratitude and excitement for the road ahead,

Guy Yalif, Co-founder and CEO, Intellimize, a Webflow company

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