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3 Tips for Writing B2B CTAs That Convert

Let’s face it—depending on your B2B company’s brand voice, it can be tricky to add energy and personality to the calls to action (CTAs) across your site.

But, just because you sell to other businesses doesn’t mean you need to be relegated to simple and at times, boring B2B CTAs. In fact, over here at Intellimize, we relish this very challenge to create CTAs on our site, newsletter, and various branded assets that speak to our audience, drive action and convey our brand voice.

Sure, we can’t say things like “Find Your Perfect Look” or “Give Me More” like our friends at ecommerce companies do, but there are tons of strategies we B2B marketers can implement that can make our CTAs shine.

We’ve put together three tips for writing B2B CTAs pulled from real B2B websites. Keep reading to learn how B2B brands like Drift and Zendesk think about their CTAs and how you can try out their strategies on your site.

Add Specificity to B2B CTAs for High-intent Visitors

We all know that CTAs should be clear and convey what site visitors should expect once they click the button. But, despite our best efforts, sometimes the language used in B2B CTAs can obscure what we are asking of visitors.

For example, a B2B CTA like “Contact Us” is open-ended and requires visitors to surmise what’s next. On the other hand, a CTA like “Book a Demo,” lets visitors know that they are setting an appointment to talk to your sales team.

That said, sometimes when we’re too close to our websites it can be tricky to identify which elements are due for a refresh. Take a step back and try to view your homepage through the eyes of a high-intent visitor. As you look at each CTA, ask yourself if someone unfamiliar with your site would know what came next. If the answer is “no” or “maybe” it’s time to test out some CTAs that contain more explicit language.

We’re not telling you to take the fun out of your CTAs, but rather take stock of the ones you have and decide if they’re as clear as they can be. Specific and clear CTAs can point high-intent visitors in the right direction faster. 

Try Out Non-committal B2B CTAs for Low-intent Visitors

While specific and explicit CTAs may be the key to success for high-intent visitors, low-intent visitors are a whole other story! When appealing to lower-intent visitors, we’ve found that using non-committal language is a great way to engage and educate them without scaring them off of your site.

Rather than using more rigid copy that requires low-intent visitors to take action, or open up their wallets right away like “Book a Demo” or “Buy Now,” lower the stakes with CTAs that feature more open-ended language. Below is a real example from customer support software company, Zendesk. Their “explore the possibilities” CTA encourages visitors to enter the next step of their site’s funnel without explicitly telling them to do so. 

Zendesk B2B CTAs Example

If you’re on the hunt for more examples of non-committal B2B CTAs check out this blog post!

Highlight Immediacy in B2B CTAs

Every B2B buyer wants to feel like a hero and get the professional accolades that go with it. For many B2B professionals, this often means identifying the right solution and implementing quickly to fix the problem at hand. That’s why when it comes to B2B CTAs, words that convey speed and immediacy are your best friend! 

Test out using language like “See it On Your Site” instead of “Create Free Account” to show that getting started with your company or product is quick and seamless. Conversational marketing and sales company, Drift, did just that and saw a 308% lift in conversions!

As we conclude this discussion of B2B CTAs, you may be thinking that we’ve given a bunch of conflicting tips. But, that’s where Intellimize comes in! To test out all of these ideas at once, you’ll need to invest in technology that can show the right CTA variation to the right visitor at the right time! If you’re looking to get a better understanding of how our platform works, book a demo/explore the possibilities/see it on your site now (see what we did there)!

If you’re looking for more data-driven B2B website ideas, be sure to check out our eBook, 9 B2B Website Testing Strategies That Work. This guide takes an even deeper dive into B2B CTAs plus serves up proven strategies for B2B headlines, body copy, and much, much more!

Happy optimizing!

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