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3 Website Ideas for Direct-to-Consumer CPG Brands

Over the past few years, the growth of the direct-to-consumer (DTC) consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has been undeniable. In fact, Statista forecasts that ecommerce sales of food and beverage products will surpass $1.7 Billion in 2023! With this category of online shopping on the rise, it’s time to take a closer look at the strategies some of the leading ecommerce CPG retailers employ on their websites to drive sales.

Keep reading for 3 website ideas for CPG brands, including screenshots of how real brands execute these concepts on their sites.

Seasonal pop-ups

If your brand sells seasonal flavors, scents, or styles there’s no doubt that you’ll need to move those products quickly! That’s why you and your website team must think of unique ways to promote these items across your site. One way to do so is by adding pop-ups to your site about a limited-time offer associated with your seasonal product.

In the example below the ecommerce soda company, Olipop, uses a pop-up to make visitors aware of their seasonal soda flavor! Using smart imagery and playful copy they hint at what their limited edition flavor is and encourage visitors to subscribe to their email list to snag a can of apple soda. This pop-up is successful in building fear of missing out (FOMO) for browsers, pushing them to subscribe and purchase the seasonal soda before this apple-solutely delicious flavor sells out!

Olipop Website

Celebrity endorsements 

From Britney Spears’ iconic Pepsi commercial to Kim Kardashian’s ill-advised partnership with Charmin, the world of CPG is no stranger to celebrity endorsements. This form of social proof is a great way to add a bit of flair and legitimacy to your ecommerce brand’s website. In order to apply this strategy successfully you’ll need to understand your audience and research which celebrities resonate with them.

Grove Collaborative, an online retailer that sells natural household products, features its Global Brand and Sustainability Advocate, Drew Barrymore directly on its homepage. Site visitors can follow the call to action (CTA) seen in the screenshot below to shop for products that have been hand-selected by Barrymore. When it comes to Grove Collaborative, Barrymore is an investor, and therefore an obvious choice for a celebrity endorsement—she is really putting her money where her mouth is! 

While this strategy may not be right for every brand, 36% of marketers report that their influencer-focused content outperforms brand-related content when used on channels outside of social media (like their website). Suffice it to say, celebrity endorsements are worth a try!

Grove Collaborative Website

Subscription options on product display pages (PDP)

Cleaning products, food, and beverages are obvious household items that need to be purchased again and again. Because of the regularity with which consumers buy these sorts of items, why not make their lives easier (and your revenue higher) by offering visitors a subscription option directly on each PDP of your site? In doing so you can more easily turn a would-be one-time buyer into a repeat customer—ka-ching!

DTC dog food brand, Wild Earth, does just this! Not only does Wild Earth list out a few of the benefits of their subscription service, but they also offer a financial incentive to sign up. Pups, fur babies, doggos or whatever you call them can be an expensive and time-consuming (but rewarding) investment—Wild Earth addresses this directly by offering a cheaper and more convenient subscription option on their PDPs in an effort to convert more visitors into repeat buyers.

Wild Earth Website

There’s no shortage of unique website ideas CPG brands can try out! In fact, in addition to the ones above we’ve compiled even more in our latest eBook, 7 Proven Ecommerce Experiments that Work. In addition to CPG website ideas, we’ve also included success metrics from real Intellimize customers that have implemented these variations. 

Download 7 Proven Ecommerce Experiments that Work today, to discover website tests that real CPG brands have had success with!

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