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Boost Revenue with These 32 Ecommerce Optimization Ideas

In ecommerce, your product is your website. Poor-performing website equals a poor-performing business. You must ensure it’s continuously optimized, or else you risk customers leaving your website and taking their money with them. 

So, how can you optimize your website and create such a great experience that your visitors will stay on-site, keep clicking through, and ultimately convert or buy? The answer is for your website to treat each customer as an individual with particular needs and interests and have your website adapt to these preferences.

We’ve compiled a list of 32 ecommerce website optimization ideas to test in order to deliver this hyper-personalized experience. Whether you’re looking to increase average order value, decrease cart abandonment, improve customer loyalty, or all of the above, there’s something here for you.

Download 32 Ecommerce Website Optimization Ideas to Boost Revenue now.

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