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Celebrating Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day

This post is written by Lindsay Putzer, VP of People.

This week is Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work® Day (April 28) and we are thrilled to celebrate here at Intellimize. This day is designed to be more than a career day, exposing children to what their parent or guardian does at work and allowing them to envision their own professional futures. 

At Intellimize, we believe it’s so important for workplaces to support (and celebrate!) working parents and their families. The majority of our executive team, and many of our leaders, are parents, which means we get it—we understand the endless balancing act that is raising healthy, happy children all while building a successful company and career—and that’s why we champion a remote-equal, flexible work environment. We welcome when kids show up in Zoom meetings, when employees celebrate their kids’ milestones in check-ins or in our parenting-themed Slack channel, or block school pickup and dropoff times on their calendars. Most of all, we want to help everyone manage these various moving pieces in a way that works for them so they can focus on being the best parents and colleagues they can be.

Here are just a few more ways we support parents and families at Intellimize:

  • Offering competitive healthcare coverage for your entire family with 85% premium coverage by the company
  • Offering generous fully paid parental leave for ALL new parents and partnering with Cocoon to make parental leave planning easy
  • Building a culture where all employees are invited to bring their full selves to work 

Of course, this day isn’t only about celebrating parents—it’s an amazing opportunity to teach our children what we do, how we work, and what their future could look like. While learning more about your parent’s job is always fun, we also strive to model a positive work environment for the children who attend our Take Our Daughters & Sons To Work® Day celebration. It’s a great opportunity for kids to experience their parents’ workplace as something that’s positive, healthy, and fulfilling.

Intellimize has various activities planned for kids and parents this week to make this a fun and interactive experience for everyone. Aside from inviting our children to our company-wide standup meeting to get a better understanding of our work environment, we’ll have fun Intellimize-themed activity sheets for kids and will host a special all-ages magic show with magician and mentalist Harrison Kramer

We’re looking forward to our first of many Take Our Daughters & Sons To Work® Day celebrations and showing our children the endless possibilities for their future.

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