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Creating More Customer-centric Conversions with Dynamic Marketing

With more attention being placed on customer-centric approaches to sales and marketing, many data-driven teams have been turning their focus to dynamic marketing in an effort to better connect with prospects and drive more conversions.

What is dynamic marketing?

Dynamic marketing is all about knowing where an individual prospect is in their customer journey with you and deciding what content, experiences, and/or messages you want to share with them in order to drive more revenue and/or conversions.

Dynamic marketing often leans on personalization to meet prospects in their own individual journey. Teams who leverage dynamic marketing can follow this content flow:

  • Present first-time visitors with top-of-the-funnel content
  • Present repeat visitors with mid- and lower-funnel content
  • Present existing customers with cross-selling / upselling opportunities and the latest news / product enhancements

This approach helps marketers engage prospects with the right messaging for them at that moment to drive more revenue and/or conversions.

Why is dynamic marketing important?

  • Customers are not all the same: While it might seem simpler and easier to use the same messaging for all of your customers by using just one version of your website, it’s likely that you are leaving money on the table by ignoring where each individual prospect is in their journey with you.
  • People expect personalized experiences: Amazon, Netflix, Nike, Spotify, and others have made personalization a key part of their customer interaction, and many companies are following suit based on their success. People are now used to having brands interact with them based on their specific behaviors, interests, and needs.

We believe you should take a customer-centric approach, map out the prospect and customer journey as part of your marketing plans, and then connect that journey to the business goals you want to achieve.

For instance, perhaps you are a B2B company looking to drive more leads to sales. Or maybe you’re an ecommerce company looking to maximize cart checkouts. Or perhaps you’re accountable for more customer signups. No matter your objectives, applying dynamic marketing can help accelerate your funnel. Many begin implementing dynamic marketing with rules, which is hard to scale and maintain for most teams. This is why many companies are turning to AI to help them deliver dynamic marketing at scale.

How predictive personalization enables dynamic marketing

Marketers are turning to AI-based approaches such as predictive personalization to help deliver dynamic marketing experiences that better engage prospects and existing customers. For instance, using machine learning in our platform, marketers were able to:

  • Complete 25 years worth of website A/B testing each year on average.
  • Deliver an average of 46% lift in the metrics that mattered most to their business.

Here is how the process works:

  • The process begins with customer intimacy, walking a day in the shoes of your prospects and customers.
  • That customer understanding then inspires creative ideas to turn those prospects into customers by altering your website messaging, content, and more.
  • Marketers can then use AI to deliver the right combination of those creative ideas to each unique visitor, in the moment. Two visitors looking at the same site at the same time may see different things.
  • Marketers can then see how their creative ideas performed, refine their content and messaging, and continue the cycle.

Marketers can maximize conversions, customer acquisition, and/or leads to sales faster and with less work using dynamic marketing. AI can also take on mundane tasks such as checking in on website experiments every day to look for statistical significance so that teams can devote more time to empathizing with prospects, coming up with more creative ideas, and/or better supporting their sales teams.

Dynamic marketing has nowhere to go but up

The popularity of personalization and customer-centric prospecting shows that dynamic marketing is not slowing down anytime soon. With machine learning personalization tools like Intellimize that are practical and easy to use for marketers, organizations can now deliver the one-to-one, real-time personalization that we’ve been talking about for years.

Now, marketers can more easily do dynamic marketing at scale — to learn more book a demo today!

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