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Customer Story: Drift sees 265% home page conversion lift with Intellimize

Located in Boston, Drift is a leading chat software and conversational marketing platform used by over 150,000 companies around the world. Using Drift’s customized chatbots, users can engage website visitors in conversations based on the page they’re currently on, creating better customer marketing experiences and sales potential.

Drift’s marketing team was accountable for a common task many digital marketers are familiar with: delivering more qualified leads to sales. Sara Pion, a growth marketer at Drift, wanted to use lead scoring platform MadKudu to score all incoming leads, then use Intellimize’s predictive personalization tool to create custom website experiences during the sales process.

Sara focused her website optimization goals on 3 of Drift’s most important website pages:

  • Home page
  • “Powered by Drift” page
  • Pricing page

By creating variations of content, layout, hero images, and more on these pages, and then using Intellimize to deliver the right combination to each unique visitor in the moment, Sara and her team were able to see some pretty impressive results:

  • 265% more leads on the Home page
  • 106% more leads on the “Powered by Drift” page
  • 102% more conversions on the Pricing page
  • 74% faster customer acquisition

For Drift, tailoring the pre-sale experience was key to seeing significantly more leads across the board. Download the case study by clicking on the image below to see how Intellimize was able use predictive personalization to boost sales opportunities and run multiple website tests in parallel at a faster rate.

Drift sees 265% home page conversion lift with Intellimize

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