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Get 6 Months of Intellimize Free When You Switch From Google Optimize 360

An offer from our CEO and Co-Founder, Guy Yalif

Recently, Google announced it would be sunsetting Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360, and the services will no longer be available after September 30, 2023. This leaves thousands of Google Optimize 360 customers looking for an alternative website optimization solution. At Intellimize, we want to ensure that this causes as little disruption to our industry as possible, so we’re excited to share a special offer for Google Optimize 360 users looking to switch providers.

For Google Optimize 360 users who switch to Intellimize, we will offer those customers 6-months of Intellimize for free (when signing a one year agreement) to welcome you to our community. There are, of course, terms and conditions that apply, but if interested, be sure to fill out this form and talk to our optimization experts about how we can help make this transition effortless.

Our robust service for transitioning Google Optimize 360 customers includes:

  • Unlimited A/B/n testing
  • Rules-based personalization
  • Unlimited seats
  • No code visual editor
  • No code audience builder
  • No hidden landing page fees
  • AI-driven copy suggestions 
  • Granular real time analytics
  • One-click GA4 integration
  • Self-service onboarding videos 

I’ll also take a moment to shamelessly plug our CRO community, CRO Geeks, a vendor agnostic community for CRO, growth marketers, and website testing professionals alike. Even if you don’t switch to Intellimize, I encourage you to apply to join. There are several discussions happening in CRO Geeks about this recent change in our industry that might be helpful in navigating this situation.

At Intellimize, our customers have always been our true north, which is why that’s our first core value. See why the world’s top brands, such as Mercari, Code42, and Dandy, have switched from Google Optimize to Intellimize already. 

- Guy Yalif

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