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How to Mitigate Ecommerce Shipping Cost Concerns With Your Website

According to Ingrid, 95% of shoppers go elsewhere if an ecommerce website doesn’t offer their desired delivery option—a phenomenon that can drive up shopping cart abandonment rates and customer acquisition costs (CAC). With consumer delivery expectations higher than ever, it’s imperative that ecommerce brands over-communicate the costs associated with their respective shipping policies.

One way brands can do this is by addressing shipping cost concerns directly on the shopping cart page. Below we’ve compiled a list of 5 shopping cart page examples that contain elements designed to mitigate shoppers’ shipping cost concerns.

Keep reading to look at 5 great shopping cart pages from Anthropologie, Numi, OXO, Pendleton, and Specialized.


Popular clothing and home goods retailer, Anthropologie, enables shoppers to learn more about its delivery and shipping policy via a hyperlink towards the top of the brand’s “Basket” page. When visitors click on the “Delivery Options” link they are met with a pop-up that explains that “AnthroPerks members enjoy 24/7 FREE shipping over $50.

Ecommerce Shipping Cost Concerns
Ecommerce Shipping Cost Concerns


Tea brand, Numi, leverages a sticky bar at the top of its “Shopping Cart” page that communicates to visitors that the brand offers “FAST & FREE Delivery Over $49.” The banner also features a hyperlink that says, "How FAST Will I Receive My Order?”. Upon clicking this link visitors see a pop-up where they can input their zip code to get personalized information regarding Numi’s shipping policy.

Ecommerce Shipping Cost Concerns


Kitchen tool brand, OXO, lets site visitors know that they can expect to receive “Free shipping on all orders over $49. See terms” The brand appeals to skeptical site visitors by including the “see terms” hyperlink in the banner. Upon clicking the link, shoppers can view a detailed page about the brand’s shipping and return policy.

Ecommerce Shipping Cost Concerns


Textile and apparel company, Pendleton, wants site visitors to know that the brand offers “FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!” To do so, Pendleton features a banner at the bottom of its “Shopping Bag” page to make sure shoppers get the brand’s exciting memo.

Ecommerce Shipping Cost Concerns


Like OXO, bicycle brand, Specialized also features a black banner explaining its shipping policy at the top of its “Shopping Cart” page. However, unlike OXO, Specialized’s banner has a caveat: “Free shipping on orders $50+, except bikes.” Because bikes are the main item Specialized is known for, it’s important the brand lets visitors know that unfortunately, two-wheelers don’t qualify for free shipping.

Ecommerce Shipping Cost Concerns

It’s no secret that brands providing free or discounted shipping are winning over consumers, the methods they use to highlight this benefit can go a long way in building lasting customer relationships and positively contributing to customer lifetime value

We hope these five examples give you the inspiration you need to start experimenting with where and how you list shipping costs/policies on your brand's website.

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