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How We’re Celebrating Pride Month at Intellimize

Happy Pride Month! We are thrilled to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community while also taking the opportunity to promote understanding, education, and allyship across our company.

Here at Intellimize, we believe we are at our best as a company when each of our team members is able to leverage and draw upon their unique identities and backgrounds. We know this helps us make better decisions, build a better product, and better support our customers—and all of this begins with creating an inclusive and supportive work environment for our team members. 

Too many LGBTQIA+ people can identify with the experience of being closeted at work, fearing that coming out will hurt their careers and therefore holding back during even the simplest icebreakers (e.g. “How was your weekend?”) for fear of revealing themselves as different. We never want this to be the case at Intellimize, and know that everyone’s work experience is that much better when they can truly be who they are and be respected and celebrated for it. We want to affirm the belonging of all Intellimizers and celebrate our team for who they uniquely are.

To kick off Pride Month, we held our first meeting for our pride@intellimize employee resource group (ERG) on June 1. This group is comprised of LGBTQIA+ team members and allies who have a primary goal of building an inclusive and supportive environment at Intellimize. We’re exploring opportunities to offer education and training, provide resources, and create safe spaces for people to talk, both in regular live meetings and in a dedicated Slack channel.

Aside from kicking off our Pride ERG, we’re also working on other ways to celebrate Pride Month across our entire organization. We just sent out Pride t-shirts to our employees with a rainbow version of our logo and are aiming to coordinate meet-ups for local Intellimizers to attend Pride parades together across the country. We’re also planning a virtual drag queen story hour and a Pride-themed cocktail hour.

Of course, amongst all of this celebration, we want to acknowledge that Pride Month is rooted in a heavy history of fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights, which is why we’ll also be sharing educational resources for employees to learn about the history of Pride Month.

We’re looking forward to celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community this month and every month, all while building an even stronger sense of acceptance and allyship at Intellimize. 

If you want to be a part of an inclusive, supportive community working to level up website conversion optimization through machine learning, check out our open roles.  

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