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Infographic: Retail Technology in 2024

With 2024 just around the corner, retailers need to consider where and how they’ll invest their marketing dollars in the new year. To make this process easier, we partnered with Worldwide Business Research (WBR) and eTail on a report called: Emerging Technologies in the Retail Sector. In it, we cover the results of a comprehensive survey of retail leaders on the future of technology in their industry.

We pulled a few of the high-level findings in the report for you to check out below. If you’d like to see the full results, download Emerging Technologies in the Retail Sector now!

Retail Technology in 2024 Infographic

In the world of retail, change is the name of the game, and it's happening faster than ever! Thanks to cutting-edge innovations like augmented reality (AR) and voice commerce, the retail landscape is undergoing a technological transformation.

To grasp the full scope of these advancements, we joined forces with Worldwide Business Research (WBR) and eTail to conduct a survey featuring 100 retail leaders. Check out some of the high-level findings from the study below!

  • 96% of retail leaders stated that they use IoT sensors or “computer vision” as part of their retail strategy
  • 58% of retail leaders say the rising popularity of hyper-personalized shopping experiences is the biggest change they anticipate in the retail landscape over the next 12 months
  • 72% of retail leaders are already using payment technology and plan to add additional capabilities in the next 12 months
  • 84% of retail leaders view cybersecurity risks as a significant challenge to deploying emerging technologies
  • 74% of retail leaders say they can currently launch website experiences to test various types of personalization on their ecommerce sites

Interested in learning more about these facts and figures and taking a deeper dive into the future of retail technology? Download Emerging Technologies in the Retail Sector now!