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Intellimize Increases Test Velocity with One-click Playbooks

We’re very excited today to release one-click playbooks to our Intellimize platform making it faster and easier to turn inspirational ideas into customized experiences that convert.

One-click playbooks give marketers more bandwidth by being able to launch experiences from other successful companies similar to their specific use cases right inside the platform.

We know from recent analysis we conducted that the volume of experiments directly correlates to a higher lift in your overall business metric. The more you test, the better your lift in business results will be.

But testing more sounds daunting when you barely have the time or bandwidth to do that today. That’s where Intellimize’s programmatic CRO comes into play. With programmatic CRO, Intellimize not only can auto-generate those hundreds of variations for you, but with our new one-click playbooks, you can launch some of the best converting ideas on the web. 

In our research we found that launching 5-10 experiments per month resulted in a 5.5% average business metric lift (site-wide goal).

Practitioners we spoke to also shared that lack of time, experience, and creative inspiration were often key barriers for them to successfully increase their test velocity with high quality experiences.

These bottlenecks informed our product roadmap as we undertook to solve them. Over the past 6 months we’ve released three core product enhancements for this purpose:

  1. Our codeless visual editor where any marketer can intuitively add, edit or hide page elements into customized experiences for every visitor, in minutes. In fact, we've found that roughly three out of four winners could be created in minutes with our visual editor.
  2. AI-driven copy suggestions, powered by GPT-3, to beat writer’s block so anyone can instantly craft headlines, copy and CTA’s that convert more. 
  3. A visual playbook library of inspirational ideas from the world’s most successful brands that can be launched as customized experiences in seconds.

If a lack of time, experience, and inspiration holds you back from testing more, our latest playbook release provides a visual library of inspirational examples for every use case. Inspirational examples are sourced from successful brands around the world, not proprietary customer ideas, and can be added and edited to your website in seconds.

Playbooks range from improving click through rates (CTR) with non-committal CTAs through to creating hassle free return experiences.


Let the inspiration flow!

Speak to an expert to see it in action.

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