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Meet People Where They Are On Their Path to Purchase Using Behavioral Targeting

You can learn a lot about website visitors based on what they do and what they don’t do on your website. By observing their behavior you can identify opportunities to better cater to visitors’ needs and deliver more personalized experiences on your website and beyond.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the release of new behavioral targeting capabilities! With these functionalities, Intellimize customers can provide more personalized website experiences that meet people where they are on their path to purchase.

Within our codeless Audience Builder, Intellimize customers can now access the following new options for targeting types of behaviors:

  • Pages, experiences, or variations viewed
  • Total sessions
  • If a visitor clicked
  • If a visitor converted

With these targeting capabilities you can deliver tailored experiences to visitors who meet specific behavioral criteria like having viewed a specific product detail page or downloaded a whitepaper in a current or previous session.

Additionally, you can also personalize the website experience for anonymous visitors who show an affinity for a specific product category or industry. Based on this behavioral information you  can dynamically feature category-specific product recommendations or industry-specific testimonials and logos.

Imagine all the possibilities to provide tailored experiences for visitors who:

  • Place orders of a certain size
  • Show an affinity for a certain industry
  • Deserted their shopping cart in their previous session
  • Visited your demo request page but didn’t submit
  • Subscribed to your newsletter and then bounced
  • Visited your site three times in the past week
  • And much more!

With our new behavioral targeting capabilities there are countless ways to personalize your website—delivering a seamless experience to every visitor that takes into account how they interact with your site.

Speak to an Intellimize expert to learn more.

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