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New Intellimize Release Simplifies Personalization for Marketers

We’re excited to announce the release of a new no code personalization feature set that places customer experience (CX) control back in the hands of marketers for smarter, faster, more flexible personalization results.

Over the past 3 years, marketing trends and consumer behavior have been in a state of constant change. And we don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon.

As customer buying preferences have continued to drive toward using virtual and digital alternatives, and privacy changes are making digital ads less effective, our responses to these demands need to be in real time.

Gone are the days when traditional campaign optimization would be performed monthly or weekly. To make every ad dollar count, especially as the current economy continues to shift, we now have the need - and the machine learning solutions - to optimize every ad view and engagement in real time.

Equally, any modern marketer worth their salt is ensuring the same campaign experience and optimization results through their most valuable customer touchpoint: their website.

Why do we think website experience optimization should be controlled by the marketer and not the web owner?

We’ll answer that question with another one: Who understands their customer better?

Easy answer. No one understands or cares more about the customer than us marketers. But with life happening so fast in a digital environment we can’t afford to just run a single website A/B test over a quarter to improve our campaign results. Or to lose a day (or more) by sending coding, testing or simple content requests through to our web team.

It’s why our platform is designed by marketers, for busy marketers. We believe it should be easy for anyone to elevate their marketing programs in realtime to maximize ROAS and turn more browsers into buyers and fans into fanatics.

Our latest no code personalization feature set is custom designed to accomplish that. Recognizing that every customer is unique, it includes:

  • A no code website visual editor, which allows marketers to instantly customize headlines, CTAs, imagery, themes or copy for every web visitor without needing a web developer or growth team.
  • A no code optimization audience builder, which enables marketers to personalize each web experience for every customer segment.

Together, the new features create a cohesive ad to website experience for our customer and a faster, easier process flow for us to optimize digital ad spend.

By eliminating the need for coding, Intellimize customers can make smarter personalization changes faster.

Now anyone can:

Create test ideas (e.g. headline, images or CTA version testing) in the simple to use visual editor.

Establish test targeting (e.g. customer segments or retargeted visitors) in the audience builder.

Select an engagement goal for our machine learning to optimize towards, within the no code click goals feature.

There’s no need for coding or “technical expert” intervention, the whole journey from ideas to results can now be handled without code, in a few short minutes.

“When you’re in the business of conversational marketing you’re solving customer problems in real time. Our marketing and personalization efforts need to be just as fast and flexible.

Using Intellimize we can test and run the most impactful personalized experiences instantly - placing full control back in the hands of marketing.

Across 19 different campaigns, Drift used Intellimize to run 121 variations and 30 million different page combinations with minimal time and effort on our part. The result was a 129% increase in conversions - all in under 90 days.”

~Justin Keller, VP Revenue Marketing, Drift

To learn more about these features and how you can elevate your marketing programs, speak to one of our optimization consultants here.

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