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Part 2 of 3: Optimize Your Landing Pages with These 5 Common Tactics

This is the second post of a three-part series on landing page conversion optimization. If you missed the first post, you’ll want to read that here first.

Welcome to the second installment of our blog series on landing page conversion optimization. Now that you have a clear picture of how landing page conversion optimization works and how your current landing pages are performing, you’re ready to put this all into action and begin optimizing your landing pages.

Let’s take a look at 5 common optimization tactics to help you put your ideas to the test.

1. Embrace simplicity

It is critical to avoid distractions on your landing pages; otherwise, you risk burying your key message and call-to-action (CTA), causing the visitor to exit your page. A simple layout and just the right amount of text will pique your visitor’s interest so they’re inclined to take the next step and convert. Plus, removing clutter (e.g. various images) from your landing pages improves your page load time and, in turn, the visitor’s experience.

Sumo Logic embraces a simple layout, quickly states what their product is and how it addresses the visitor's pain points, and offers a clear CTA to start a free trial.

2. Use colors effectively

Using your brand colors on your landing pages can help to foster a sense of brand recognition for your visitor. Contrasting colors also play an essential role in the effectiveness of your landing pages—these are great to use for CTAs so they grab the visitor’s attention and tell them this is the action they should take.

Drift draws attention to their CTA by using a bright button color that contrasts with the rest of their landing page colors.

3. Minimize scrolling

Just like the biggest headlines are on the front page of the newspaper, the most important part of your landing page should be visible above the fold (meaning, the visitor can see it without having to scroll down). Be sure to optimize your landing pages for different devices as well. A desktop has much more real estate above the fold than a mobile device, so you may have to edit the look and feel of your landing page specifically for mobile.

Tableau's homepage immediately states what their product is and invites visitors to try it for free or learn more.

4. Include a strong CTA

Your CTA is the driving force for lead generation. It should be appealing but also straightforward so visitors understand exactly what will happen once they take that next step and convert. Consider these 3 ways to optimize your CTAs.

Gong's clear CTA drives visitors toward taking the next step: requesting a demo.

5. Prioritize functionality

Website readability is extremely important, so while you want your new website to be visually appealing, you should never sacrifice function. Make sure your landing page has easy-to-digest content as well as a large enough font (e.g. 18 px or larger) and enough spacing between text lines.

Clio uses large text and lots of spacing in between elements on their homepage to make it easy to read.

Above all, it is crucial to continuously iterate on your landing pages as you optimize them and see how different tests perform. You will only continue to learn more about your target audience with the more tests you run and you want to ensure you’re delivering a personalized experience that caters to your visitors’ evolving needs and interests.

Optimize Your Landing Pages with Intellimize

It’s no secret that landing pages play a critical role in any B2B marketing strategy. Since a landing page’s top priority is getting your prospects to convert, the best way to increase their chances of converting is to tailor your page to each individual visitor’s needs and interests. Intellimize can help you do just that.

Intellimize allows you to optimize and personalize your landing pages for each unique visitor in the moment and even adapts to inevitable changes in their behavior over time. Our machine learning-based technology helped Snowflake’s ABM team accelerate landing page conversions by 60%.

Request your demo today to see how Intellimize can help you optimize your landing pages and drive more conversions.

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