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What You Can Do With Visual Editor

When it comes to website optimization, some of the most impactful ideas often end up being simple changes. Unfortunately for many marketers, a small change to their site means sending in a ticket to their engineering team and then waiting days or even weeks to see the updated website element go live. That’s why we created our codeless Visual Editor—to put website experimentation back in the hands of marketers, where it belongs.

Visual Editor lets you skip the coding process and bring your ideas to life with a simple "WYSIWYG" interface. As you tinker with different design changes, the web page preview instantly updates to reflect your ideas. From there you can save the changes as new variations, which can go live instantly. This means that when inspiration strikes, you can start the experimentation process while the idea is still fresh, speeding up your testing velocity and efficiency.

Keep reading to learn about Visual Editor and how you can leverage the tool to build a high-converting website.

Refresh Copy

Whether you’re running a promotion, promoting a new product offering, or just giving your site a refresh, copy is key. With Visual Editor you can make quick edits to headlines, calls to action (CTA), and any other page copy you’d like.

Intellimize visual editor

AI Copy Suggest

When creating copy variations, sometimes you know exactly what you want to say, and other times you may need some help to get your creative juices flowing. Rather than venturing far and wide for inspiration, you can leverage our AI copy suggest feature which is built directly into the Visual Editor. Our AI-powered copy suggestions can help you beat writer’s block as you create new copy variations that reflect your specific brand voice.

AI copy suggest
AI copy suggest

Take Control of Your Fonts

Words matter, but in the world of conversion rate optimization (CRO), the way words look matters too. To establish consistency across your website, our software will automatically identify which font families are currently installed on your site and make them available for selection in Visual Editor. 

Using Visual Editor you can change the font color, size, letter spacing, text shadow, weight, and more to ensure your copy is legible, complements other page elements, and of course, converts.

Update Hyperlinks

Your site is constantly evolving. Between new pages, redirects, and a 404 or two you need to be able to update hyperlinks within your copy on the fly. Fortunately, with Visual Editor you can do just that, to ensure that your copy is accurate and supports your current conversion goals.

Add, Delete, Refine, and Rearrange Elements

In addition to quick copy edits, with Visual Editor you can easily refresh visual elements on your site or hide and delete elements altogether. Easily add or change borders with different weights, styles, colors, or rounded edges and update background colors.

Using our insert element feature you can add rich text, images, or full blocks of custom HTML. Using the design panel in Visual Editor you can then adjust the placement, sizing, and other attributes of the element you’ve added. With Visual Editor, the power to refine your website and test out new visual elements is at your fingertips.

Insert Element

Get an Overview of Variations

Within Visual Editor, you can see which variations on the page you’re working on are live, paused, or drafts. As you’re altering your site, the variation list will enable you to understand exactly how the variation you’re looking at contributes to your larger experiment.

Variation list

Book a demo with Intellimize to discover the full functionality of our codeless Visual Editor and learn how your team can leverage it to accelerate your experimentation program.